Monday, May 22, 2023

Review: Peril: Three Thrilling Tales of Taut Suspense by Kat Martin, Alexandra Ivy, and Rebecca Zanetti


When a cop killer resurfaces in Denver, enlisting the help of a pair of local lowlifes, it marks the beginning of a violent crime spree that will wreak havoc and endanger lives. Law enforcement is on alert from the first sighting of the cold-blooded trio. To take down this brutal gang, only those willing to risk everything they hold dear stand a chance . . .

First, a pair of Denver police officers facing each other for the first time after one night of abandon find themselves working together to stop an ambitious bank heist. In Wyoming, a string of robberies marks the gang’s arrival, and the local sheriff springs into action when the criminals discover his estranged fiancée can identify them. Finally, in the mountains of Colorado, the gang takes shelter on a peaceful guest ranch, where a fiercely protective rancher is hellbent on roping the fugitives up for good.

Trusting their sharply honed instincts, three rugged men will fight to stop the rampage before the women they’d die for become the next victims . . .

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What I thought about Peril

Three interconnected romantic suspense novella by Alexandra Ivy, Rebecca Zanetti and Kat Martin make up the anthology called Peril.  

There is a lot to like about this anthology.  First of all, it's just the right size with three stories.  I was impressed that all three stories captured a good level of romance in a few short pages.  I really liked the first story about a female cold case cop returning to the scene of her partner's shooting in an attempt to arrest his killer.  She also runs into a colleague who she had steamy times with ... once.  There was a nice level of yearning going on here and I really liked this story.  

In the second story, the criminals are on the loose and the heroine is in the midst of some real danger while enjoying the groveling of her ex.  And there's a good number of suspects and bad guys in the story to keep things interesting. It kept me guessing for a while and I did love the romantic aspects of this story.

The final novella takes place on a guest ranch, where the heroine is spending time to qualify for her inheritance, only to find not only does she appreciate nature, but she sure does like the rancher quite a bit too.  This might have been my favorite story of the three -- even though there is a bit of insta-love/lust, it made for a very sweet story.

Overall, this is a great choice if you are looking for a quick novella you can read in a day.  I liked that these stories can be read in a day, and I was interested enough in the connections that I wanted to read them all.  This is a very nice romantic suspense trio of novellas. 



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