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Cover Reveal:NOWHERE BUT HERE by Katie McGarry

West Side Story meets Sons of Anarchy?? 

Yes, please!

Katie McGarry's newest novel, NOWHERE BUT HERE, has a cover and we are thrilled to get to help reveal it to you today. The first novel in her upcoming The Thunder Road Series, NOWHERE BUT HERE is a young adult contemporary romance that will keep you turning the pages long into the night. We have no doubt that when you get done, you're going to wish you were on a motorcycle and had your own cut of leather across your back! Follow along today as pieces of the cover are revealed, and then stop by the HarlequinTeen Page to see the full cover at 7pm EST! And that's not all, of course! We have a few Behind-The-Scenes pictures from the photo shoot itself for you to enjoy as well! Check out the Behind-The-Scenes pictures and then scroll down for our puzzle piece!

Nowhere But Here BTS
Nowhere But Here BTS
Nowhere But Here BTS
Nowhere But Here BTS
Nowhere But Here BTS

And here's the seventh piece to the cover for you!

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An unforgettable new series from acclaimed author Katie McGarry about taking risks, opening your heart and ending up in a place you never imagined possible

Seventeen-year-old Emily likes her life the way it is: doting parents, good friends, good school in a safe neighborhood. Sure, she's curious about her biological father—the one who chose life in a motorcycle club, the Reign of Terror, over being a parent—but that doesn't mean she wants to be a part of his world. But when a reluctant visit turns to an extended summer vacation among relatives she never knew she had, one thing becomes clear: nothing is what it seems. Not the club, not her secret-keeping father and not Oz, a guy with suck-me-in blue eyes who can help her understand them both.

Oz wants one thing: to join the Reign of Terror. They're the good guys. They protect people. They're…family. And while Emily—the gorgeous and sheltered daughter of the club's most respected member—is in town, he's gonna prove it to her. So when her father asks him to keep her safe from a rival club with a score to settle, Oz knows it's his shot at his dream. What he doesn't count on is that Emily just might turn that dream upside down. 

No one wants them to be together. But sometimes the right person is the one you least expect, and the road you fear the most is the one that leads you home.

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Katie McGarry was a teenager during the age of grunge and boy bands and remembers those years as the best and worst of her life. She is a lover of music, happy endings, reality television, and is a secret University of Kentucky basketball fan. 

Katie is the author of full length YA novels, PUSHING THE LIMITS, DARE YOU TO, CRASH INTO YOU, TAKE ME ON, BREAKING THE RULES, and NOWHERE BUT HERE and the e-novellas, CROSSING THE LINE and RED AT NIGHT. Her debut YA novel, PUSHING THE LIMITS was a 2012 Goodreads Choice Finalist for YA Fiction, a RT Magazine's 2012 Reviewer's Choice Awards Nominee for Young Adult Contemporary Novel, a double Rita Finalist, and a 2013 YALSA Top Ten Teen Pick. DARE YOU TO was also a Goodreads Choice Finalist for YA Fiction and won RT Magazine’s Reviewer’s Choice Best Book Award for Young Adult Contemporary fiction in 2013. 

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Review Tour with Giveaway: Better When He's Bold by Jay Crownover


From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jay Crownover, comes the second book in a combustible new series, Welcome to the Point, that is sexier, darker, and better than ever. 

There’s a difference between a bad boy and a boy who is bad. . . . Welcome to the Point.

In a dark and broken kingdom, a ruler has be fearless to control the streets and the ruthless people who run them. Race Hartman is just bold enough, just smart enough, and just lost enough to wear the crown. Places like The Point will always have bad things and bad people, but the man in control of all that badness can minimize the devastation. Race has a plan, but can he prevent total annihilation without destroying himself? 

Brysen Carter has always seen the real Race—a guy too pretty, too smooth, and way too dangerous. Basking in his golden glow is very tempting, but Brysen knows she’ll eventually get burned. She has enough problems without the risky danger and mayhem that comes with a guy like Race. Too bad Brysen faces a threat close to home that might be more dangerous than anything The Point has ever produced.. And the only person interested in keeping her safe is the one man she can’t allow herself to have. 

Sometimes being bold is the only way to stay alive. But can she let Race save her life . . . if it means losing herself to him?


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And don’t miss the previous books in 

The Point Series!


What I thought about Better when He's Bold
Now that Novak is no longer king of the streets in The Point, it's Race and Nassir calling the shots and trying to hold onto their new positions.  There's a bit of tension between them, with Race struggling with his remaining shreds of integrity balanced with the need for violence to keep things from exploding, and Nassir just being a total badass. Taking over Novak's action might not be as easy as they think. 

Then there's Brysen.  Race has always been attracted to his sister Dovie's friend, and Brysen feels the same toward Race, except she's very aware of how much like Bax he can be. But that sort of attraction doesn't get ignored, and it isn't long before Brysen and Race are heating up the loft in the garage.

When life starts hammering at Brysen and she finds out some family secrets that could potentially end things between her and Race, it's her golden god Race who steps up to protect her, uncovering a vindictive plot that could have devastating consequences for all of the players living in The Point.

For me, the crown jewel in this story was the love story between Race and Brysen. Race is all kinds of sexy, and Brysen knows just how to get to him. I love it when the guy falls hard, and in spite of his dangerous position in The Point, he wants Brysen. Their scenes together really jumped off the page for me. There was a sense of "us against the world" when they came together, and that's some nice writing when in the midst of all this bad stuff going on, the two main characters can find their safe place in the loft of an garage.

Bax, Dovie and Titus from Better When He's Bad have nice roles in this installment in the series and I'm excited to get Titus's story in the next book in the series.

I love the grittiness of this world and these characters. While Better When He's Bold didn't have quite the same level of passion as the first book in the series, the love story between Race and Brysen was well worth the read.

ARC provided for review

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About the Author

Jay Crownover is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Marked Men and The Point series. Like her characters, she is a big fan of tattoos. She loves music and wishes she could be a rock star, but since she has no aptitude for singing or instrument playing, she'll settle for writing stories with interesting characters that make the reader feel something. She lives in Colorado with her three dogs.


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Cover Reveal:All Played Out by Cora Carmack

Holy smokes are we excited to bring you the cover for Cora Carmack's 


ALL PLAYED OUT is a New Adult Contemporary Romance 
and is the 3rd book in the Rusk University Series, 

 It is due to be released on May 12, 2015!! 
If you haven't had a chance to read this sexy, fun series yet, 
be sure to grab ALL LINED UP and ALL BROKE DOWN!    Image Map   

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First person in her family to go to college? CHECK. 
Straight A’s? CHECK. 
On track to graduate early? CHECK. 

Social life? …..yeah, about that…. 

With just a few weeks until she graduates, Antonella DeLuca’s beginning to worry that maybe she hasn’t had the full college experience. (Okay... Scratch that. She knows she hasn't had the full college experience). 

 So Nell does what a smart, dedicated girl like herself does best. She makes a "to do" list of normal college activities. 

Item #1? Hook up with a jock. Rusk University wide receiver Mateo Torres practically wrote the playbook for normal college living. When he’s not on the field, he excels at partying, girls, and more partying. As long as he keeps things light and easy, it's impossible to get hurt... again. But something about the quiet, shy, sexy-as-hell Nell gets under his skin, and when he learns about her list, he makes it his mission to help her complete it.

Torres is the definition of confident (And sexy. And wild), and he opens up a side of Nell that she's never known. But as they begin to check off each crazy, exciting, normal item, Nell finds that her frivolous list leads to something more serious than she bargained for. And while Torres is used to taking risks on the field, he has to decide if he's willing to take the chance when it's more than just a game. 

Together they will have to decide if what they have is just part of the experiment or a chance at something real.  

And don’t miss the first two books in the Rusk University Series…

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About Cora Carmack: Cora Carmack is a twenty-something writer who likes to write about twenty-something characters. She's done a multitude of things in her life-- boring jobs (like working retail), Fun jobs (like working in a theatre), stressful jobs (like teaching), and dream jobs (like writing). She enjoys placing her characters in the most awkward situations possible, and then trying to help them get a boyfriend out of it. Awkward people need love, too. Her first book, LOSING IT, was a New York Times and USA Today bestseller.  

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Review:Personal Geography (The Compass #1) by Tamsen Parker

Powerhouse consultant India Burke is notorious for her razor-sharp mind, her incisive tongue, and for always being in control. But during her “lost weekends”—out-of-town, one-and-done, anonymous rendezvous solely for the purpose of kinky sex—she craves a submissive role.

Cris Ardmore, India’s latest tryst, is a Dominant who calls an isolated Hawaiian paradise home. India’s expecting forty-eight hours of contractually defined sex, but instead of serving as just another BDSM Band-Aid, Cris wants to know the real India Burke. Despite her aversion to anything approaching intimacy, India is hooked by their incredible sexual chemistry.

With tension ratcheting up in her professional life, India needs the release Cris offers more than ever, but her repeated visits come with their own risks. No matter how strong their attraction, India is determined to maintain her boundaries in order to keep her life whole after her first love blew it apart. She must choose between taking a chance and handing Cris the road map to her heart or locking down her borders before he does any more damage.

**Please note: Personal Geography is the first book in The Compass Series and is NOT a stand-alone. Intimate Geography, the second half of Cris and India's story, will release March 2nd 2015**

Buy Links

Amazon, B&N or kobo.

What I thought about Personal Geography

I'm not going to rehash the events of this book because I think the synopsis covers it quite well.  I really liked India Burke.  She's a career-focused, type-A, high-powered consultant and to deal with all of that stress, she engages in submissive activities that allow her to turn her mind off and get away from the job. I loved her explanation of what the lifestyle does for her, and loved her friend Ray, the longtime friend who sets up her lost weekends. The contracts are specific -- India wants her playtime, but not a relationship. Nothing personal. That is until Cris Ardmore signs up to be her Dom for the weekend.

Cris is a bit different in that he is an extremely sensitive Dominant.  He treats India in a way that has her considering how far she can let Cris into her life, but that thinking is colored by a past relationship that ruined her. Her scars are deep and letting him in isn't easy for India at all.  I liked this aspect of the story very much -- how she struggles with her feelings for him, and in reverse, how Cris works toward understanding India. 

The best part of Personal Geography are India and Cris.  Even though this story is told in her point of view,  we learn things about Cris that make him very appealing.  I really want to know more about him and hope we get that in the next book in this series.

I loved the characters and the story of how this female executive makes time for herself in the midst of all of her work.  Personal Geography is really a falling-in-love story, and it's a very slow journey for India.  I liked that, although at times I felt the pace could have been picked up in the story, based on finding myself looking at the % done on my ereader more than I usually do. My other observation was that the sex needed something I can't quite put my finger on. Maybe I've read too much BDSM sex, but I wanted more heat in the sex scenes, a connection--and a less clinical feel.  Maybe that's indicative of India holding that piece of herself back, I don't know, but something didn't quite reach my "oh this is hot" place.

I will definitely be looking for book 2, Intimate Geography, because book 1 does end in what I'd call a good cliffhanger.  Will India be able to overcome her past and embrace a future with Cris?  I want to know!

Review copy provided by the author.

About the Author

Tamsen Parker is a stay-at-home mom by day, erotic romance writer by naptime. She lives with her family outside of Boston, where she tweets too much, sleeps too little and is always in the middle of a book. Aside from good food, sweet rieslings and gin cocktails, she has a fondness for monograms and subway maps. She should really start drinking coffee.


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Release Day Blitz & Giveaway:Ruin Me by Jessica Sorensen

Ruin Me Release Day Blitz Banner
Happy Release Day to Jessica Sorensen
and her new book 

This is book 5 in the Nova Series
 and can be read as a standalone.

Make sure to enter the giveaway below 
for a chance to win an ebook copy of this book. 

Good luck!

Ruin Me
A part time student, CNA, and caretaker for her slightly deranged mother, Clara McKiney doesn’t have time for a relationship. That’s why her friends with benefits arrangement with sexy and ridiculously charming Jax Hensley works perfectly.

But Jax has other ideas. The moment Jax met Clara he was instantly drawn to her wittiness, confidence, and gorgeous smile. Even though he agreed to the friends with benefits arrangement, he secretly hopes for more than their weekend hook ups. When Jax's estranged mother mysteriously disappears, he sees an opportunity to spend more time with Clara. After convincing her to return home with him, a new agreement is made. One road trip and week together to find out why his mom vanished into thin air. Things are about to get complicated.
“You’re right. I think we should stay.” I lace our fingers together and head for the car again. “But on one condition.”
She’s staring down at our interlocked hands, looking puzzled as hell. “And what’s that?”
“That when we get back to the motel, you’ll let me help you with your body inspection.”
She looks up at me and rolls her eyes, but doesn’t comment or try to swat me. In fact, she seems like she briefly considers letting me.
I bite back a smile. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you might want that to happen.”
Now she moves in for the swat, but I capture her hand and jerk her against my body. I’ve had such a shitty night and all I want to do is not feel shitty. Being with Clara does that for me. I want her, even though it’s not Friday. I want her in my car, in the motel room, everywhere. All the time. Every day.
Even though I know she’ll get upset, I lean down and let my mouth linger on hers, waiting for her to pull back and end the kiss. Instead, she parts her lips. I don’t know why she does it. Perhaps she feels bad for me. I don’t care what the reason is.
I slide my arms around her, press her body against mine, and kiss her deeply. Our mouths move slowly and I savor each breathless whimper she makes. She tastes like tequila with a hint of French fries and the feel of her body heat nearly smothers me in the best way possible. I don’t come up for air until she moans out my name and I have to stop; otherwise, I’m going to rip off her clothes right here in the parking lot.


Jessica Sorensen

The New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Jessica Sorensen, lives in the snowy mountains of Wyoming. When she's not writing, she spends her time reading and hanging out with her family. 

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Book 5 - Ruin Me Amazon

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Review:Unbeautiful (Unbeautiful #1) by Jessica Sorensen



You want to know my secrets? What lies beneath the pretty? The scars I can’t let anyone see? The scars tied to my secrets?
On the outside I appear normal. Some might even say perfect.
They say that I’m a pretty girl. They say I should be happy. They say that I have nothing to be angry about. That I’m popular. A cheerleader. That I’m perfect.
Perfect. Perfect. Perfect.
But all they see is what’s on the outside.
On the inside I’m raw, open, bleeding. Scars that can’t seem to heal the wounds.
Carrying dark secrets about who I really am.
How afraid I am to tell the truth.
And it’s slowly killing me.


Tattoos. Piercing. Scars. The guy who can’t speak.
Gothic freak. Mute. Punk. I’ve heard it all.
They say that I’m probably dangerous. They say people should stay away from me.
They say. They say. They say.
But who are they anyway?
To decide what I am.
They don’t know what’s hidden beneath the scars. Beneath the piercings and tattoos.
The secrets I keep hidden beneath the silence.
Maybe if they knew, they wouldn’t fear me so much.
Then again, maybe they’d fear me more.

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What I thought about Unbeautiful

Ryler (Luke's cousin from the Coincidence series) gets in some hot water and ends up agreeing to other very dangerous activities to get himself out of it.  He ends up in Laramie, living with Luke and Violet. They don't know anything about his secret life.

Emery lives in the small town of Ralingford, about an  hour from Laramie.  She's fed pills by her mother.  There's so much WTF with Avery, her family and their town that I'm really not sure what's going on there. It's nasty stuff.

They're both enrolled in classes at the university, hoping for a fresh start to their lives, but it's not looking like that is going to happen without some major issues, especially when Emery's ex shows up. Emery and Ryler connect immediately, both physically and intellectually, as they both use writing to deal with what's happening to them.  There's some real heat between them too. 

This is another story from Jessica Sorensen about the harm people can inflict on others. No one seems to be who they say they are, and there are all sorts of crazy connections between the characters.  All the secrets had me tearing through the pages of Unbeautiful and I really liked that about this story.

I thought this was a great start to the series, and while the book ends in what some may call a cliffhanger, I was just left with lots of questions about how all of the characters are interrelated, and how can Ryler and Emery see the way out of their situations. Looking forward to book 2, Untamed. 

ARC provided for review.

About the Author
Jessica Sorensen

The New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Jessica Sorensen, lives in the snowy mountains of Wyoming. When she's not writing, she spends her time reading and hanging out with her family. 

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Cover Reveal & Huge YA Giveaway: Julie Cross and Mark Perini’s Halfway Perfect

Title: Halfway Perfect
Authors: Julie Cross and Mark Perini
Release Date: May 5, 2015
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire
Genre: Young Adult


Bestselling author Julie Cross teams up with Ford model Mark Perini to pen a poignant and gritty YA novel about love and the dark side of modeling and the fashion industry

Eve's time as a fashion model nearly destroyed her-now she's determined to build a career behind the camera lens. But landing a coveted photography internship brings her face to face with her dark past-and her ex.

While Eve is snapping pictures, up-and-coming male model Alex is launching his career-which, for him, involves maintaining a fake relationship with his (secretly) underage co-star, Elana.

But Alex is falling for Eve, and Eve won't let herself get hurt again. If Alex can pull off a fake love with Elana, can he convince Eve to risk a secret affair with him?

Pre-order Links

Barnes and Noble

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About the Authors

Julie Cross is the international bestselling author of the Tempest series, a young adult science fiction trilogy. Julie lives in Central Illinois with her husband and three children. Her knowledge of the modeling and fashion world comes from viewings of the movies The Devil Wears Prada, and Zoolander, and her unwavering devotion to the first three seasons of Ugly Betty. On a recent trip to NYC, she also took the time to walk past both the Gucci and Prada stores, spending at least 15 seconds viewing items through the windows.

Mark Perini is a New York City-based author debuting his first YA novel, Halfway Perfect. Additionally, Mark is a featured author in the NA anthology, Fifty First Times.

Mark began his career as an international fashion model ten years ago, while simultaneously obtaining a business degree from Seton Hall University. He has a passion for traveling the world, and he’s made a blood pact with friends to see all seven wonders of the ancient world before he's thirty. Four down, three to go.

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Double Cover Reveal: Hard To Be Good and Hard To Let Go by Laura Kaye

Laura Kaye's dark romantic suspense series, The Hard Ink Series, keeps readers on the edge of their seat. Today, we are thrilled to share with you the cover for the upcoming novella, HARD TO BE GOOD. 

But that's not all we have! Check out the cover for the next novel in the series, HARD TO LET GO. We can't wait for you to get your hands on the next two Hard Ink men, Jeremy and Beckett. 

Without further ado...

Check out the beautiful cover for 




Hard Ink Tattoo owner Jeremy Rixey has taken on his brother’s stateside fight against the forces that nearly killed Nick and his Special Forces team a year before. Now, Jeremy’s whole world has been turned upside down—not the least of which by a brilliant, quiet blond man who tempts Jeremy to settle down for the first time ever. 

 Recent kidnapping victim Charlie Merritt has always been better with computers than people, so when he’s drawn into the SF team’s investigation of his army colonel father’s corruption, he’s surprised to find acceptance and friendship—especially since his father never accepted who Charlie was. Even more surprising is the heated tension Charlie feels with sexy, tattooed Jeremy, Charlie’s opposite in almost every way. 

With tragedy and chaos all around them, temptation flashes hot, and Jeremy and Charlie can’t help but wonder why they’re trying so hard to be good… 

Pre-Order at Amazon | | Amazon UK | B&N | iTunes | Kobo

And don't miss the cover for HARD TO LET GO!

HardToLetGo CVR

Five dishonored soldiers. Former Special Forces. One last mission. These are the men of Hard Ink. Beckett Murda hates to dwell on the past. But his investigation into the ambush that killed half his Special Forces team and ended his Army career gives him little choice. Just when his team learns how powerful their enemies are, hard-ass Beckett encounters his biggest complication yet—a seductive, feisty Katherine Rixey. 

A tough, stubborn prosecutor, Kat visits her brothers' Hard Ink Tattoo shop following a bad break-up—and finds herself staring down the barrel of a stranger's gun. Beckett is hard-bodied and sexy as hell, but he's also the most infuriating man ever. Worse, Kat's brothers are at war with the criminals her office is investigating. When Kat joins the fight, she lands straight in Beckett's sights . . . and in his arms. Not to mention their enemies' crosshairs. Now Beckett and Kat must set aside their differences to work together, because the only thing sweeter than justice is finding love and never letting go. 

Pre-Order at

HardInk Banner
Start at the beginning with the other Hard Ink books, now available:

And for a limited time only, you can grab HARD TO COME BY on sale for just half-price!

January sale
Praise for the Hard Ink Series: For Hard As You Can

"TOP PICK! There is a sinister and desperate edge to this tale that will keep readers glued to their seats. Kaye has dark romantic suspense nailed!" ~ RT Book Reviews Magazine 

"Hard As You Can is another five star read. The characters Ms. Kaye has created are wonderfully broken and the drama is gritty, but the burgeoning romance and the tight-knitted relationship of the team leaves you with a sense of redemption. A must read series!" ~San Francisco Book Review

For Hard As It Gets:

"Edgy, sexy and full of suspense! A great read from a great new author!" ~ #1 NYT Bestselling Author J.R. Ward

"Sizzling romance... The intriguing tattoo parlor and military background will appeal to fans of Suzanne Brockmann and Lindsay McKenna." ~Publishers Weekly Review

"Kaye's depiction of sexual tension and her sex scenes are masterful and this will appeal to fans of Maya Banks' KGI and Julia Ann Walker's Black Knight's series." ~Booklist 

laurakaye-34 crop 2


 Laura is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over a dozen books in contemporary and paranormal romance. Growing up, Laura’s large extended family believed in the supernatural, and family lore involving angels, ghosts, and evil-eye curses cemented in Laura a life-long fascination with storytelling and all things paranormal. She lives in Maryland with her husband, two daughters, and cute-but-bad dog, and appreciates her view of the Chesapeake Bay every day. 

Release Day Review: The Five Year Lie by Sarina Bowen

Bestselling romance author Sarina Bowen’s debut thriller, about one woman’s search for the truth after receiving a text from her deceased ex...