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Cover Reveal: Return to Us by Corinne Michaels


 Corinne Michaels has revealed the cover for Return to Us!

 Releasing: February 23, 2021
Cover Design: Perfect Pear Creative
Photographer: Henry Jimenez
Model: Michael Yerger

From New York Times Bestselling author Corinne Michaels comes a new second chance standalone love story.

At eighteen, I walked away from Willow Creek Valley for good.

I was young, scared, and stupid, and it cost me the love of my life—Grayson Parkerson.

Fourteen years later, a crash sends me back home to recover.

Back to where we met, fell in love, and planned a future.

The one he’s now living as a single dad to his daughter.

Working at The Park Inn together gives us a chance to reconnect, and seeing him with his little girl makes me long for the days when he was mine. One look in his gorgeous blue-green eyes, and it’s like I never left. One kiss, and my world is upside down. One night together, and I know without a doubt, in his arms is where I belong.

I’m not the girl I was—intimidated by his wealthy family and desperate to escape our small town. I can imagine a new life for us here.

But he’s learned to guard his heart, and trust won’t come easily.

How can I convince him to give first love a second chance?


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Meet Corinne

Corinne Michaels is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of romance novels. Her stories are chock full of emotion, humor, and unrelenting love, and she enjoys putting her characters through intense heartbreak before finding a way to heal them through their struggles.

Corinne is a former Navy wife and happily married to the man of her dreams. She began her writing career after spending months away from her husband while he was deployed--reading and writing were her escapes from the loneliness. Corinne now lives in Virginia with her husband and is the emotional, witty, sarcastic, and fun-loving mom of two beautiful children.

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Release Day Review: Loverboy (The Company #2) by Sarina Bowen

Secrets, desires, and exquisite pie. It’s all in a day’s work at The Company.

Growing up, I was the rough guy from the wrong neighborhood who couldn’t catch a break. Posy was the pampered girl I tried to impress. But I managed to steal only a single kiss before I had to skip town.

Now I’m back, and the tables are turned. Posy runs a struggling pie shop. I’m the VP of a secretive billion dollar security company.

Not that I can tell her.

There’s a murderer on the loose in New York, and he seems to spend a lot of time at Posy’s shop. I can’t let on that I’m here to bring him down before he can harm a hair on her pretty head.

Going undercover as Posy’s new barista wasn’t my idea. I don’t even drink coffee. But now I have to call her “boss,” and do everything the curvy perfectionist asks of me. I’d forgotten how much we infuriate each other, and that she somehow fills me with both irritation and desire in the same breath.

There’s nobody more skilled at stealth ops than me. I can bring this killer down. Right after I take a cold shower. And just as soon as I figure out how to make a skinny peppermint latte with milk poured in the shape of a kitten...

CREDITS: Photo by Wander Aguiar, Design by Hang Le


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What I thought about Loverboy
In this second book in The Company series, Gunnar is called in from the west coast to help with a very special case for the secretive security company.  He needs to watch over a gourmet pie shop to catch a crafty killer and there happens to be an opening for a barista to use as a cover.  Gunnar is ready for the assignment except there are two problems - Gunnar doesn't do coffee (at all) and the owner of the shop is a beautiful former acquaintance he'd worked with before.
What Gunnar doesn't know about coffee he makes up for in flirtatious banter that has shop owner Posy remembering their past and more. Seriously, this guy is good and knows how to put the flirt on, and his interactions with Posy were just golden and sweet and steamy and all the good things. I liked Posy. She took a chance when she needed to in spite of her creepy ex and his even creepier woman. 

I thought Loverboy was a terrific second chance romance.  The action sequences were good and I was craving them by the end, but I just wasn't all that interested in the case they were working on. There was more romance than suspense, not that I minded. I wanted a little more at the end too, since things felt a little rushed to me. Your mileage may vary as they say.
I'm giving this 4.5 stars because it hits a lot of good notes with the second chance romance and I'm looking forward to more stories in this world.
A complimentary ARC was provided. This is my honest review.


About Sarina
Sarina Bowen is a USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance. She lives in Vermont's Green Mountains with her family, six chickens and too much ski gear and hockey equipment.

5 Star Review & Excerpt for The Pearl (The Godwicks #3) by Tiffany Reisz


Book Title: The Pearl
Series: The Godwicks (Standalone, Book #3)
Author: Tiffany Reisz
On-Sale Date: December 1, 2020 (Worldwide—eBook, Paperback, Audiobook)
Genre: Erotica / Erotic Romance
Page Count:
284 pages (eBook/Paperback)


A new erotic fantasy set in the world of The Red and The Rose.

When Lord Arthur Godwick learns his younger brother is up to his bollocks in debt to Regan Ferry, owner of The Pearl Hotel, he agrees to work off the tab…in her bed.

Soon the handsome but troubled Arthur discovers he’s a pawn in an erotic game of revenge—and nothing, including his lover, is what it seems.

Advance Praise for The Pearl:
“Deliciously dirty… Reisz isn’t content to keep things between the sheets, setting her steamy romance in a fully developed world populated by well-drawn characters who will steal readers’ hearts. Moments of snarky humor add a lighthearted counterpoint to the novel’s darker themes.  This is erotica done right.” Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

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THE PEARL by Tiffany Reisz (Excerpt)

The day progressed as days usually did for young Lord Arthur Godwick, but it took a turn for the strange when a young woman in a red raincoat and red Wellington boots knocked on the door of the Godwick townhouse in Piccadilly. When he opened the door and saw her, the red coat and red boots, his first thought was “red alert.” 

She was a pretty young woman, bow lips that spread into a mischievous smile like he was in trouble and just didn’t know it yet. 

“Hello? Can I help you?” Arthur asked the girl in red.

“You Lord Arthur Godwick?” Her accent was decidedly East End and made the “Lord” sound like a joke. 


She didn’t say a word to that, merely held out a note to him, cream-colored and on fine thick paper, like a small wedding invitation.

“What is this?” he asked. His name was written on the front of the card, but he got no answer. When he looked up, the girl in the red raincoat was already at the iron gate, then through it, then at the sidewalk and then…gone.

Bizarre. Arthur had never had a note hand-delivered to him. 

Slowly he peeled back the flap and removed the notecard. Hotel stationery from The Pearl. He knew the place. His sister had gotten married there not too long ago. The hotel’s name was in all-black, with a white pearl nestled into the middle of the A.

He opened the card and read it. 

We need to discuss your brother. The Pearl, penthouse at five.

No name was signed to the note, just a looping R.

Who was “R,” and what had the hell had Charlie done this time? Could be anything knowing him these days. Gambling? Girl in trouble? Punched the Prime Minister? 

Fuming, Arthur trudged up the stairs to his suite of rooms on the second storey of the townhouse. His phone told him it was close to five, so he had to hurry. He had on jeans and a t-shirt but needed socks, shoes, and a jacket. He pulled them all on, grabbed his keys, his mobile phone. Into his wallet, he stuffed as much cash as he could fit. Good chance Arthur would be paying damages on something tonight. A broken vase. A broken nose. A broken heart.

Although it was November, grey with rain threatening, Arthur decided to walk across the park to Mayfair, to clear his mind before the inevitable confrontation with Charlie. If it had been any other hotel, he might not have been so worried, but the Godwicks and The Pearl had history. In Queen Victoria’s day, it served as the elaborate London townhouse of a dissipated lord who spent all his money on whores and gaming until he had nothing left but the townhouse and then he didn’t have that anymore. It was sold, turned into a seven-storey, fifty-six room hotel. A respectable looking enough place these days. White and gleaming, black awnings, fine dining. Not a tourist trap. A haven for the wealthy, the titled, usually both. The walls were dark with heavy oak paneling, the furniture Edwardian, the lights low, an antique. The fallen paradise of aging lords.

Of course, it was also a brothel. Hence the family connection. Hence Arthur’s fear for his brother. 

He’d learned from his older sister Lia about the hotel’s past. She’d told him about how their great-grandfather Lord Malcolm used to frequent The Pearl in its heyday, how he lived there as a bachelor gentleman about town, and how he played there every night of his wicked life practically. That’s why she’d gotten married there, of course. She was a Godwick, after all. 

Arthur arrived just before five o’clock. As he looked up and saw the black iron words THE PEARL over a set of double doors, the first raindrops began to fall. Hurrying inside, he strode across the lobby as if he belonged there. He was titled and came from a wealthy family. That’s all one needed for entrée into The Pearl though if pressed, he had the note as well, an invitation to a party he did not want to attend. 

As he crossed the lobby, the gleaming golden elevators his destination, he imagined he could still smell the cigars of the thousands of lords and industrialists who’d met here, slept here, supped here, and fucked here. The fucking, of course, being the main attraction. Arthur guessed he had been summoned here to scrape his baby brother off the floor of someone’s bedroom or bathroom. 

And he’d do it. He always did it. Someone had to with their parents away in New York City until Christmas. Of course, even if they were in London, they’d mostly washed their hands of Charlie. He was eighteen, they reminded Arthur. Time for him to stand on his own two feet. 

But what if Charlie fell while trying to stand? Arthur would demand. Well, in that case they’d let him fall so he could learn how to pick himself up.

Easy for them to say. It wasn’t their parents Charlie called at four in the morning when he was too drunk to find a way home. It wasn’t their parents who answered the phone when Charlie was detained by the police for starting a fight in a pub. No, always Arthur. “King Arthur,” his brother would drunkenly call him. “King Arthur saves the day again.”

Arthur found a set of grand double doors at the end of the corridor. A brass plaque read Penthouse.

He took a deep breath to calm his nerves, then knocked.

The blonde who’d given him the note opened the door.

“She’s on the terrace,” the girl said before Arthur could say a single word. “With your brother.” She waved at a set of French doors across the suite then left him alone in the penthouse.

Arthur’s first thought upon seeing it was that his brother was flying in very high circles these days. He’d never seen a grander, more decadent hotel room, and he’d stayed in some of the finest hotels in the world when on holiday with his parents. The walls were gold damask wallpaper with black trim. An enormous gas fireplace with a black china marble mantel dominated the sitting room. To the right of it was a curving black staircase that led to a second level where he imagined he’d find a luxurious bedroom. Black leather club chairs framed the fireplace and above the mantel hung a painting. A painting of a pretty young woman wearing a black raincoat and holding an umbrella. The son of art lovers who owned dozens of galleries, Arthur had to glance at the plaque on the frame as he passed it on the way to the terrace. The Umbrella by the Ukrainian-French painter Marie Bashkirtseff. Not your typical bland mass-produced hotel art. A real painting, oil on canvas. 

As he made his way to the terrace, Arthur walked past a golden velvet chaise lounge, but then stopped when he saw another painting propped up in the seat. 

Arthur recognized it immediately. A handsome gentleman wearing a three-piece suit, with black hair and dark eyes, the subtlest smile on his lips…Lord Malcolm Godwick, thirteenth Earl of Godwick. Charlie and Arthur’s great-grandfather. The portrait was last seen hanging in the hallowed halls of Wingthorn, the Godwick ancestral estate. It should be there now, so what was it doing here? 

Arthur walked quickly to the French doors and peered through one of the panes. For a split second, the sight was so uncanny, he thought the painting over the fireplace had come to life. A woman stood on the terrace, wearing a black trench coat, belted tightly at her narrow waist. Over her head was a black umbrella. Not a painting come to life. Just a coincidence. Her umbrella was being held by someone, a young man facing away. He needn’t turn around. Arthur would have known that rust-colored hair anywhere.

Arthur pushed open the door and stepped onto the spacious garden terrace. It was filled with so many green plants and small trees, it was like walking into a miniature forest. He went straight to the iron railing at the edge of the terrace to find his brother wearing an expression of pure defeat. His brother was clutching the umbrella and staring down at his own shoes.

“Charlie,” Arthur said. “What the hell are you doing?” Before Charlie had a chance to answer, he turned to the woman. “Who are you and why are you forcing my brother to hold your umbrella in the freezing rain?” 

“Things aren’t what they seem,” she said. “He offered to hold it for me. Didn’t you, Charlie?”

Charlie nodded numbly. 

Arthur had expected a much older woman for some reason—maybe simply because of the confidence in her voice—but no, she was young. Thirty, if that. She had chestnut-brown hair that hung in a long French plait over her left shoulder. Her face was lovely and her eyes wide, intelligent, and grey as the rain. Peach lips, full and soft. She had a white-collared shirt on under her black trench coat and against her pale olive skin, she wore a pearl choker. 

Something about her, the way she looked at him, so cool and superior, convinced him he was dealing with some kind of ice queen. Who else would make an eighteen-year-old stand in a cold autumn rain holding her umbrella? 

And what was she doing while Charlie held the umbrella over her head? Feeding raw meat to a raven perched on a brass ring on the railing.

“Charlie, go inside,” Arthur said. His brother didn’t budge. He stood there in his stupid skinny jeans and leather jacket that he’d probably bought with a credit card “borrowed” from their mother. “Go home and I’ll meet you there later. I’m handling this.” 

“He may go, but someone has to hold my umbrella while I’m feeding the baby,” she said and smiled at the raven. Arthur rolled his eyes. 

“Go on, Charlie.” He walked over and took the umbrella from Charlie’s hand, which he held with a white-knuckle grip.

As Arthur took over umbrella duty, Charlie bent his head and whispered a miserable, “Sorry.” Arthur couldn’t help it. He put his arm around his brother’s neck. Charlie didn’t return the embrace but accepted it without protest. 

Charlie disappeared through the French doors into the penthouse. Arthur watched as the woman fed another morsel of meat to the raven. It took the red flesh right out of her fingers, so well-trained it ignored the hunk of bleeding meat in the butcher paper she held in her other hand. 

“All right. What did he do this time?” Arthur asked. No use beating about the bush.

She smiled. “I would have thought a Godwick would have better manners. Whatever happened to ‘Hello, how do you do?’”

“Hello,” he said. “How do you do? And what did Charlie do this time and why do you have our painting of Lord Malcolm in there? Better?”

“Much better.”

“Hello.” That came from the raven. Arthur stared at it, wide-eyed. 

“Did that bird just speak?”

She laughed softly. “He did.” She sounded surprised. “He’s never done that in front of anyone before though. I thought he’d speak only to me. Not that he says much besides ‘Hello’ and ‘Baby.’ This is Gloom. Gloom, this is Lord Arthur Godwick. Say ‘Hello, my Lord.’”

“Hello, Baby.” 

Arthur smiled despite himself—he’d never been flirted with by a bird before—and replied, “Hello, Gloom.”

The evening had taken on a strange, dreamlike quality. Silver-grey clouds, fat as circus tents hovered overhead. The girl in the red raincoat with her summons. The beautiful woman under the black umbrella feeding raw meat to a talking raven named Gloom. 

“You can pet him if you like. He’s in a good mood when he’s eating. Just watch your fingers. He’s not too picky about the sort of meat he eats.”

Arthur couldn’t resist. He raised the back of his hand and stroked the silky black breast feathers of the bird. 

“The longer you wait to tell me what Charlie’s done, the more scared I get,” he said. 

“I know.”


“Ah, well, since you said please. Your brother racked up quite a bill here at The Pearl.” 

“How much?”

“A hundred grand.” 

The raven gulped another bite from her fingers. 

Arthur stared. “A hundred grand? You must be joking? What room costs ten grand a night?”

“It’s not merely the room. He ordered…room service.”

Arthur quietly groaned. Room service. She didn’t mean coffee, tea, and the soup du jour. She meant a girl who’d serviced him in his room. As his father had jokingly called it once—room cervix. 

“And you let him rack up a hundred grand bill? Why?” 

“He’s the son of an Earl. Why wouldn’t I?” She gave a shrug, careless and elegant. “We give our special guests a great deal of leeway, but when the tab hits six figures, however, we call it in. Hotel policy.” 

Arthur exhaled heavily, stared up at the cloud-wild sky. It was strange, having this conversation while huddled under a black umbrella. They stood very close to each other, barely a foot apart. He could smell her scent, like rainclouds, like evening fog. 

Or was it just the rain on her skin? 

 What I thought about The Pearl

Tiffany Reisz returns to the art world in The Godwicks series with The Pearl. When Charlie Godwick runs up a bill at The Pearl, his older brother Arthur steps in to bail him out. Not only has Charlie stolen Uncle Malcolm's portrait to pay off his "room service" bill, Arthur is now tasked with getting the painting back before their parents can discover the portrait missing.

 When Arthur goes to make payment arrangements, he makes a deal with the owner, the infamous Lady Reagan Ferry. He'll have to earn the portrait back.

But Uncle Malcolm isn't going to make it easy either. His interference brings a nice gothic element to the story and the art works made things interesting for me. I absolutely adored how the paintings complemented the story. The steamy scenes are erotic perfection.  What more can I say -- I loved this. Devoured it. 

Arthur and Reagan's love story is terrific. 5 stars all the way.

A complimentary ARC was provided. This is my honest review.  

About Tiffany Reisz

Tiffany Reisz is the USA Today bestselling author of the Romance Writers of America RITA®-winning Original Sinners series from Harlequin’s Mira Books.

Her erotic fantasy The Red—the first entry in the Godwicks series, self-published under the banner 8th Circle Press—was named an NPR Best Book of the Year and a Goodreads Best Romance of the Month.

Tiffany lives in Kentucky with her husband, author Andrew Shaffer, and two cats. The cats are not writers.

Follow Tiffany on Social Media: FacebookInstagram

About 8th Circle Press

8th Circle Press is a Louisville, Kentucky-based publisher of literary friction. For more information, visit our website at

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5 Star Release Day Review: Unshackle (Deliver #7) by Pam Godwin

 UNSHACKLE is now available!


No woman can resist Luke Sanch’s chiseled features, honed physique, auburn hair, and intense green eyes.

While deadly in combat, he’s an indomitable weapon in bed. He can coax an explosive release with only his mouth and annihilate with insidious, mind-blowing pleasure.

When he infiltrates La Rocha Cartel, he must seduce Vera Gomez to determine whether to rescue her.

Or kill her.

Nothing can distract his icy, lethal focus.

Except the cartel’s most feral captive.

The nameless, raven-haired beauty is his key to dismantling Vera Gomez. But the ferocious little fighter challenges him at every turn and unknowingly battles her way into his heart.

A battle that delivers him, physically and emotionally, into shackles.


Each book is a different couple (HEAs / no cliff-hangers),
but they should be read in order.

📚 ebooks (all retailers worldwide):

🎧 Audio:

What I thought about Unshackled

The Freedom Fighters are back -- fighting against the evil cartel and this time it's Luke who gets to go undercover to rescue or maybe kill Vera Gomez.  This world is dark and treacherous and pulled me in (again) and kept me turning the pages.  This series is just terrific for finding hope among the evil that is portrayed with gritty realism.

What Luke doesn't expect is to find a kindred spirit among the prisoners who potentially jeopardizes the mission or may force Luke to take things to another level. I don't want to say much more because it will spoil it, so all I can say is that I loved this story.

If you are a fan of dark romance, this is the series to be reading.  It's a world that may make you cringe while you are peering in the dirty window to see more of this side of life.  But there is also hope to these stories and it's how Pam Godwin weaves it all together that makes this a terrific ride as far as this reader goes.

An ARC was provided. This is my honest review.


His name was Joshua Carter. Now it’s whatever she wants it to be.

She is a Deliverer.

She lures young men and delivers them to be sold. She delivers the strikes that enforce their obedience. She delivers the sexual training that determines their purchase price.

As long as she delivers, the arrangement that protects her family will hold.

Delivering is all she knows.

The one thing she can’t deliver is a captive from slavery.

Until him.

And her stubborn slave thinks he can deliver her…from herself.


Her life is like a prison cell.
A self-made, to-hell-with-the-free-world existence that locks from the inside.
Stop judging. Her agoraphobia doesn’t define her. It simply keeps her safe.

He belongs in a prison cell.
The 6x8, make-me-your-bitch variety that locks from the outside.
But he’s free. To hunt. To take. To break.
And he just found a sexy new toy.

Capturing her is the easy part. Her fucked-up mind, however, makes him question everything he does next.
But he’s a determined bastard. If all goes his way, this will hurt like hell.


Camila was seventeen when Van Quiso kidnapped her. Ten years after her escape, the shackles refuse to release her. Not while there are still slave traders preying on her city.
She will stop at nothing to end them.
Even if that means becoming a slave again.

Returning to chains is her worst fear—and only option. They won’t know who she is or what she intends to do. She’s prepared for every complication.
Except him.
The one who decimated her sixteen-year-old heart.

Matias is charming, gorgeous, and dangerously seductive. He’s also untrustworthy and enshrouded in secrets. After years of no contact, he finds her—on her knees, wrists bound, in the clutches of her enemy.
Will he sabotage her mission by needlessly saving her?
Or will he keep her in chains and never let her go?


“What is the price you’re willing to pay?”
“Money isn’t an issue.”
“I’m not talking about money.”

Tate is on the hunt to find his best friend’s sister.
Eleven years ago, Lucia Dias was abducted. Presumed dead. He never met her, so why does he care?
Some might call his efforts noble, but his motivation is more perverse, bordering on obsession.

When he follows a chilling lead to Venezuela’s Kidnap Alley, what he finds is neither a corpse nor a captive.

Amid poisonous lies and crippling depravity, the price of love is devastation.
And he pays.
With his body, his blood, and her life.

TAKE, Book 5

He’s a notorious crime lord, a kidnapper, and an artist.
Scarification is his outlet, and he just captured a new canvas.
Kate refuses to surrender beneath his blade or the cruelty in his beautiful eyes.
But she’s drawn to the man inside the monster. A man who makes her ache with his touch. Who owns her with his kiss.
A man who worships her as deeply as he hurts her.
She can run, but there’s no escape from a bond carved in scars.


Tula Gomez is in the most ruthless prison in Latin America.

She only drove to Mexico to help her sister. She did nothing wrong.
But her quiet life changed in an instant.

To survive the violent, cartel-controlled prison where men blend with women, she pledges her loyalty to the notorious leader in exchange for the one thing she needs most.

When she agrees to seduce the suspicious new inmates, Martin Lockwood and Ricky Saldivar, she doesn’t expect to enjoy it. Sure, they’re gorgeous, irresistibly alpha, and insanely talented with their hands and mouths. But they’re the enemy. She can’t fall for them.

Torn between her cartel loyalties and two men who want her as deeply as they want each other, she questions who is manipulating whom. Her search for answers leads to a passionate ménage, a soul-crushing secret, and an impossible choice.


No woman can resist Luke Sanch’s chiseled features, honed physique, auburn hair, and intense green eyes.
While deadly in combat, he’s an indomitable weapon in bed. He can coax an explosive release with only his mouth and annihilate with insidious, mind-blowing pleasure.
When he infiltrates La Rocha Cartel, he must seduce Vera Gomez to determine whether to rescue her.
Or kill her.
Nothing can distract his icy, lethal focus.
Except the cartel’s most feral captive.
The nameless, raven-haired beauty is his key to dismantling Vera Gomez. But the ferocious little fighter challenges him at every turn and unknowingly battles her way into his heart.
A battle that delivers him, physically and emotionally, into shackles.


Tomas’ story
Coming Jan 26, 2021
Preorder now
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The final book in the series
Cole’s story
Coming Mar 9, 2021
Preorder now
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DELIVER #1: Audible | Narrated by Teddy Hamilton and Abby Crayden

VANQUISH #2: Audible | Narrated by Ryan West and Jo Raylan

DISCLAIM  #3: Audible | Narrated by Christian Fox and Emma Wilder

DEVASTATE #4: Audible | Narrated by J.F. Harding and Tracy Marks

TAKE #5: Audible | Narrated by Soren Gray and Kate Genevieve

MANIPULATE #6: Audible | Narrated by Christian Fox, Aiden Snow, and Lila Summers

UNSHACKLE #7: Coming | Narrated by J. Tipstone and Lacy Laurel

DOMINATE #8: Coming | Narrated by Matthew Holland and Samantha Summers

COMPLICATE #9: Coming | Narrated by Joe Arden and Lisa Zimmerman


New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling author, Pam Godwin, lives in the Midwest with her husband, their two children, and a foulmouthed parrot. When she ran away, she traveled fourteen countries across five continents, attended three universities, and married the vocalist of her favorite rock band.

Java, tobacco, and dark romance novels are her favorite indulgences, and might be considered more unhealthy than her aversion to sleeping, eating meat, and dolls with blinking eyes.


Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Excerpt Teaser: Loverboy (The Company #2) by Sarina Bowen



Gunnar waits for my answer, watching me with hungry eyes. I take another sip of tart, fruity goodness and feel a rare looseness in my limbs, as if I’m limber enough to mold myself into the kind of woman who knows how to handle this moment. The possibility of Gunnar and me in bed stretched itself out around us.

He’s waiting for me to say something. Except that I’ve forgotten the question, let alone the answer. He gives me a smile, like he can read my thoughts. And then he lets me off the hook by glancing up at the TV screen to check the score. “Tell me,” he says. “Where did you go just now?”

“Nowhere,” I say quickly, chickening out. I take another deep gulp of my drink. I haven’t had quite enough alcohol to nonchalantly ask Gunnar to come home with me tonight. I want to, though. Really. A lot. He’s just the right kind of playboy to get me out of my rut. It won’t mean anything to him. He won’t have any expectations.

And neither will I, of course. We have nothing in common.

Although lately I find myself appreciating Gunnar for much more than his very fine ass. Who could resist a guy who comes to work on time every day, and makes fabulous coffee for eight hours without complaint?

The old Gunnar would have teased me mercilessly and hidden the sugar cubes when he went on break. The new Gunnar keeps his head down and saves my overworked butt during every shift.

Sure, he still flirts mercilessly with the customers. But nobody is perfect. And I’m just jealous. I’d rather have those pale eyes trained on me.

They were, too, only a moment ago. But I blew it already. He was waiting for me to give him the green light, and I chickened out.

That’s a theme with me.


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Cover Reveal: Smoke (Carelli Family Saga #1) by Eden Butler


By Eden Butler

Release Date: December 15

 Smoke Carelli lived by his own rules. 

He wasn't interested in normal.

He didn't care about things like love and commitment, damn sure not marriage and forever.

But the second Maggie Ramirez parked outside his family’s restaurant, his life became a series of distractions he was learning to love. Maggie and her kid have shaken up his world and dislodged every hard and fast rule he’d ever made. 

And when the demons from her past resurface, Smoke and Maggie may have to break more than their own rules to win their freedom. 

But will it cost them everything and everyone they love?

 The Carelli Family Saga

Book One - Smoke

Book Two - Dario

Book Three - Dante

Book Four - Toni


Pre-Order Links: 

Amazon | Amazon UK |Amazon CA

Amazon AU | Amazon FR

Nook | Kobo | Apple

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Meet Eden Butler


Eden Butler is an editor and writer of Fantasy, Mystery and Contemporary Romance novels and the nine-times great-granddaughter of an honest-to-God English pirate. This could explain her affinity for rule breaking and rum.

When she’s not writing or wondering about her possibly Jack Sparrowesque ancestor, Eden patiently waits for her Hogwarts letter, edits, reads and spends way too much time watching rugby, Doctor Who and New Orleans Saints football.

She is currently living under teenage rule alongside her husband in southeast Louisiana.

Please send help.

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