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5 Stars for Rocky Mountain Forever (Six Pack Ranch #12) by Vivian Arend

It’s never too late for love.

Years ago, Mark Coleman made the only possible choice and left Rocky Mountain House before he tore his family apart. When he hears the four clans—Six Pack, Whiskey Creek, Moonshine and Angel—are working together to create a memory book, Mark also discovers the one detail that finally triggers his return.

Because he’s not just coming back to the family. Now that Dana is free and ready to move on, Mark plans to give the only woman he’s ever loved all the devotion and happiness she deserves, no matter how much sweet-talking, or dirty talk,  it takes.

Meanwhile, when a shocking truth is shared with the oldest of the Six Pack sons, Blake Coleman begins a journey of assessment. Can he really fill his father’s boots and be the leader his generation turns to for guidance?

With lots of visits with all your favourite Colemans, this is a celebration of love and the lessons learned along the way.

Warning: this book is full of happily-ever-afters. Lots of I love yous, lots of babies, lots of laughter and happy tears. Pretty much, readers familiar with the series have a ton of feel-good hours of reading ahead. If you want angst—this isn’t it.

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 What I thought about Rocky Mountain Forever

I always have a difficult time motivating myself to read the last book in a beloved series.  It's hard to let favorite characters, settings and stories go, and the final book just underscores ... it's over.  *sniff*.  But I couldn't wait to dive into Rocky Mountain Forever, because I know it's exactly the kind of comfort read I/we need right now.

I love this series, and Rocky Mountain Forever does a great job of wrapping things up with the people and their stories that I've come to love from this author. I will admit to referring to the family tree posted on Vivian Arend's website in order to keep this huge clan of multiple families straight but that just reminded me of all the wonderful romances in this series.

In this final installment, the Coleman clans are working on collecting up their memories for posterity.  The story is told through this lens, which brings both nostalgia and hope for the future.  I lost count of how many babies are born in this one, and these new lives underscored the strength of this series -- it's all about family.

The main story centers around Mark Coleman who has returned back to Rocky Mountain House for good.  He's got an agenda to finally claim the love of his life and the woman he fell in love with many years ago-- his brother's wife who is now a widow. This is such a sweet story and it shows there is no age limit when it comes to love. I loved Mark's perseverance and dedication and Dana's strong sense of self as the wooing commences.

If you are looking for a comfort read, this is one. You don't even need to have read all the books in the series, although you might need that family tree to keep everyone straight.

I highlighted so many lines while reading Rocky Mountain Forever. I don't often quote from the books I read, but the heart of this series is shown in my favorites.

"I like working, and I love working beside my boys. Nothing in the world gives me more joy than being with my family." 

"The Coleman clan is wonderful, and collectively, they're a force of nature. But sometimes the individual people need a little careful handling.

"Families are sometimes hard, but they're precious. They're worth fighting for."

"The Coleman ladies are scary. They barely look at you, yet they know exactly what you've done."

"You never see a rainbow if it never rains"

and my favorite,

"Every morning I get up and think, "What can I do today to show I care? Is my mind calm and are my hands busy with good things?"

The Six Pack Ranch is a terrific series, and Rocky Mountain Forever is a wonderful wrapup to this series. If you are looking for contemporary romance built around the themes of family, working together and love of the land, you might like this series too.

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With over 2.5 million books sold, Vivian Arend is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over 65 contemporary and paranormal romance books, including the Six Pack Ranch and Granite Lake Wolves.

Her books are all standalone reads with no cliffhangers. They’re humorous yet emotional, with sexy-times and happily-ever-afters. Vivian pretty much thinks she’s got the best job in the world, and she’s looking forward to giving readers more HEAs. She lives in B.C. Canada with her husband of many years and a fluffy attack Shih-tzu named Luna who ignores everyone except when treats are deployed.

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