Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Review:Moment of Clarity by Karen Stivali


(Book 3 of the Moments In Time Series)

Spending the summer together on Fire Island brought Collin and Tanner closer than ever, but back in their conservative college town, challenges confront them at every turn.

As they search for their new normal in their old environment, Collin's brother Sean surprises them with help when they need it most. But when word about their relationship gets out, trouble erupts with friends and family. When Collin's relationship with Tanner becomes an issue in his brother's custody battle, and Tanner struggles with his feelings for a heartbroken Wendy, Collin wonders if everyone he cares about would be better off without him in the picture. In order to save them both, Tanner must make it clear to Collin that their love for each other is all that matters.

MOMENTS IN TIME is the paperback version and contains all three novellas (Moment Of Impact, Moment Of Truth and Moment Of Clarity) in once volume.Both books are available for pre-order at Dreamspinner Press.

They will be available at all major retailers on May 6, 2015


Moment of Clarity eBook

Moments in Time Paperback

What I thought about Moment of Clarity
In this third book of the Moments in Time series, Collin and Tanner return to school after their summer at Fire Island.  There are some difficult times ahead for the young men, starting with a fire in their dorm that pushes them into the gym for temporary housing.  They can't live openly like they did over the summer and it's taking a toll on them.  When Collin's brother offers them a place to stay, they take it, only to find out that their relationship is a cause for concern from one of the family members.  

When their dorm is finally ready, they both look forward to indulging their physical attraction to each other, but when some other students find out about them, things seem to go from bad to worse. Collin struggles with handling all that is happening to him, and in a misguided show of love for everyone he cares about, he takes drastic measures to put everything right.  

I really love this series.  Collin and Tanner's road isn't an easy one, and the hate that is directed toward them just because of their sexual orientation is sometimes tough to swallow.  I'd like to think that as a society, we've gotten past some of the situations that occur in this story, but I know these hateful situations still occur.  But even with all of this going on, Collin demonstrates the purity and innocence of first love with the sacrifice he makes for Tanner and his family.  My heart was definitely squishy (and my eyes a little wet) during the last 30% of the book and I loved it.    Moment of Clarity brought to mind everything that is so wonderful about "first love".

I recommend this LGBT trilogy and this series.  I was glad to hear there will be more. 

ARC provided for review.

This series should be read in order. 
Moment Of Impact(Book 1) and Moment Of Truth(Book 2) are  are on sale for 99¢ for a limited time. 

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