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Review: Untamed (Unbeautiful #2) by Jessica Sorensen


No matter how hard I try, I never seem to be able to escape my family’s world. Their madness controls my life, just like insanity consumes my mind.
Sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s real.
Sometimes it’s hard to tell who I really am. The person everyone sees? Or the one I keep trapped inside?
I wonder which person Ryler sees. Just like I wonder who I can trust.
Wonder. Wonder. Wonder.
I wonder too much.
I wish I could just find a way to escape it all and finally be free.

I live a double life and sometimes I hate myself for it. Watching Emery fall apart—pretending I don’t care—is killing me inside.
I want to tell her the truth, but I also want a new life.
Want. Want. Want.
I want too much. Sometimes it’s hard to tell what I really desire.
I wish I could be free from the confusion, free from this life.

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Book 1 - Unbeautiful

Book 2 - Untamed

What I thought about Untamed
 The first book in this series was all about secrets and not knowing exactly who was who and what was what.  It takes a little time to put all the pieces together in this second and final book of the series, and once again, it was all about the tension and danger Ryler and Emery are immersed in.

Now that Ryler knows who Emery is, he's tasked to take care of her in an abusive game run by Doc.  Ryler is convicted in a big way between blowing his cover and keeping Emery safe without being able to tell her anything about his secret agenda. 

There is so much tension in this book that when things finally come to a head and the big reveals are made, that feeling of doom carried through all the way to the end. I'm not going to spoil it by revealing how everything turns out since that ending still left me a little uneasy.

Overall, I loved this series, especially the tense atmosphere and the danger permeating every single scene. And I loved Ryler and Emery together and how they complimented each other, even when they tried to deny it.  The glimpses of Luke and Violet left me wanting more but really the stars of this series are Ryler and Emery and their journey out of fear.

Recommended for readers liking dark, intense story content, sprinkled with a good dash of hope.

ARC provided for review.

About the Author
Jessica Sorensen is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author from the snowy mountains of Wyoming. When she's not writing, she spends her time reading and hanging out with her family.
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