Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Review:The Family Jewels by Christine Bell

Sadie Leighton spends her days slinging hash, but she spends her nights stealing from the rich and undeserving, taking what she needs from the worst of the lot to make ends meet. This last job is supposed to be the mother lode…the one to get her out of the biz altogether, if only she can get past the infuriatingly gorgeous stranger intent on foiling her plans and haunting her dreams...  

Jake Callahan has one thing on his mind, and that’s revenge. After years of preparation, he’s finally got all the pieces in place to destroy the man who cost his father his career and, ultimately, his life. Now that the end is in sight, he won’t let anything get in his way. Especially not some fake Countess trying to steal his mark, no matter how sexy she is.Never one to back down from a challenge, Sadie engages Jake in a battle of wits, but winning it just might put her in danger of losing her heart…


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What I thought about The Family Jewels

Sadie learned early in her life how to run a confidence game, and now she uses those skills to make ends meet.  When she's got to pay for her sister's medical treatments, she resorts to what she knows best  for her last job.

Jake is one very smooth and hot man and Sadie is attracted to him from the start, but he catches on to her con game quickly.  Instead of tearing them apart, their common enemy brings them together, and things get very riveting and intense.

Christine Bell creates two interesting and entertaining characters in Jake and Sadie.  They really carried the story for me, as I had to know what was going to happen between them once the truth came out.  There were some slow spots and some predictability, but overall, The Family Jewels is a sexy story about two people looking for revenge and finding love along the way. 

 ARC provided for review.

About the Author

Christine Bell is a USA Bestselling Author of contemporary romance novels and one half of the happiest couple in the world. She and her handsome hubby currently reside in Pennsylvania with a four-pack of teenage boys and their two dogs, Gimli and Pug. If she gets time off from her duties as maid, chef, chauffeur, or therapist, she can be found reading just about anything she can get her hands on, from Young Adult novels to books on poker theory.

She doesn’t like root beer, clowns or bugs (except ladybugs, on account of their cute outfits), but lurrves chocolate, going to the movies, the New York Giants and playing Texas Hold ‘Em. Writing is her passion, but if she had to pick another occupation, she would be a pirate…or, like, a ninja maybe. She loves writing fun, sexy romances, but also hopes to one day publish something her dad can read without wanting to dig his eyes out with rusty spoons.

Christine loves to hear from readers, so please feel free to get in touch with her via the Contact Page, or find her on Twitter @_ChristineBell.


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