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Review: Protecting Their Mate (Part Two) by Moira Rogers

Protecting Their Mate (Part Two)
The Last Pack
Part Two (of Three)

As Ashley settles in to her life at the lodge, she meets more of her new pack mates--including wicked, intense Jud. His touch arouses her hunger--and Blake's possessiveness. Lucas, the unyielding alpha, grows concerned with the attachment between Blake and Ashley and sends Blake out on a mission.

While Blake is away, Ashley meets the most elusive member of her new pack--the enigmatic Connor, a hacker who, like her, was raised among humans. For Connor, sex is volatile--dangerous--and being near Ashley draws out the feral edge of the wolf inside him. As Ashley's connection with Blake--and with Lucas--grows deeper, an outside force threatens the peace of the Last River pack.

Protecting Their Mate was originally published as an eight part serial under the penname Mia Thorne. It has been repackaged, but the story remains the same.

What I thought about Protecting Their Mate (part 2)

In the second installment of Protecting Their Mate, Blake is sent on a mission and Ashley is left to meet the rest of the pack.  “Meeting” actually means having sex, mostly with multiple partners.  But the dilemma of whether she is going to officially mate with one of them is still in question.  Lucas, the alpha, knows that Blake wants Ashley, and that he’s hesitant because of his other pack mates.  So Lucas separates Blake and Ashley so they can come to some decision about where they stand with each other as far as the mating question goes.

Part 2 is chock full of filthy, dirty sex (as was part 1) but it’s foundation in Ashley learning about her wolf-self is what holds it all together.  Ashley is finding her way among her new pack and honestly, I would have liked to have more about that aspect of the story and I’m hoping part 3 will deliver that.

The story ends with a rival pack entering the story.  Can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next to Ashley, Black and the pack.

An ARC was provided for review. 

About the author

How do you make a Moira Rogers? Take a former forensic science and nursing student obsessed with paranormal romance and add a computer programmer with a passion for gritty urban fantasy. Toss in a dash of whimsy and a lot of caffeine, and enjoy with a side of chocolate by the light of the full moon.

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