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Review: Wedding Wars & Roomie Wars by Kat T. Masen

Wedding wars: A Roomie Wars novella

Get down on one knee.

Profess my love.

Ask her to marry me.



He doesn’t understand that planning a wedding is a big deal. I’m not a Bridezilla—give me a break. I just know what I want, and everything has to be perfect. After all, I am marrying my Mr. Right.

Aren’t I?

From roomies to lovers, it was an easy transition for Zoey and Drew. It’s only natural that marriage was the next step. Between Drew’s hectic work schedule and Zoey’s obsession with planning the perfect wedding, neither of them expected it to be this hard.

​And the only way they knew how to communicate: fight until they’ve started a war.

Will Zoey and Drew manage to set aside their differences and make it to the altar, or is this the end for the perfectly mismatched couple?

What I thought about Wedding Wars
Wedding Wars is a sweet little bridezilla novella that picks up where Roomie Wars left off, with Zoey and Drew back to being roommates again.  Things are going well for them, and after a very sweet proposal from Drew, things just go downhill. Zoey is  that is until Drew proposes.  Then everything starts unraveling.

Zoey lets her best friend take over her wedding plans (seriously, I wanted to smack both of them a couple of times) the budget goes out the window, and worse yet, Zoey has a new co-worker that gets Drew's jealousy-gene firing and turning to ... well, you should read this and find out.

It was pretty easy to see where the story was going and even so, I got choked up there a bit at the end.  Wedding Wars is a cute follow-up to Roomie Wars, and while  you could probably read it standalone, it works better if you read Roomie Wars first.

ARC provided for review.   

Find out how it all started in Roomie Wars! 


Turning thirty is overrated. Who said you had to be married with a fabulous career and three kids? I had a great life. Single, freedom to do whatever I please, and best of all, stay home on a Friday night in my sweats, eating pizza while listening to the best of the ’80s.

I’m fine.


When a woman says she’s fine, she’s not fine. Zoey had it all. Stunning looks, ambition, the whole package. Then he fucked her up. He broke her.

And now I’m left picking up the pieces…again.

Zoey Richards, strong-willed and driven, settled on the geeky struggling med student to share her apartment with, not the perfect-in-every-way stud who would just distract her and undoubtedly break her heart.

When her ex comes back into the picture, Zoey seeks revenge and enlists her roommate’s help. All Zoey and Drew need to do is pretend to be a couple for one night. But one night can change everything. Refusing to break their “roomie code,” and in an effort to deny their feelings for each other, a war erupts between Zoey and Drew.

She lives in the past; he, for the future. If opposites attract, will these two gamble their friendship for a chance at love?

What I thought about Roomie Wars

When Zoey decides the nerdy Drew is perfect for a roommate, she doesn't anticipate that he'd turn into a lady-killing doctor in the four years they are together.  She's been nursing a broken heart and self-medicating with taco chips and dip and lonely nights at home.  It was cute how it seemed that these two changed lives somehow.

At a beach outing, Zoey gets herself in some trouble, and it's at that moment that Drew's feelings for Zoey gets some clarity and he realizes just what she means to him.  It takes some time for these two to get on the same page, and even then a job opportunity has everything about their relationship up in the air.

There's also some drama with an ex-boyfriend and an ex-best friend that draws  Drew and Zoey together, but I did have a hard time with that bit of plot because it felt a bit manufactured. Zoey's career is a big decision-making factor in this story and I would have liked to have known what she was like in the office and how that was important to her

This story wasn't perfect, but it did hold my interest and kept me turning the pages to see how everything was going to get resolved.  Even though Zoey had me rolling my eyes at times, I liked her and Drew

So in spite of a few problems I had, I was left wanting a little more from these characters. 

 About Kat T. Masen

Born and bred in Sydney, Australia, Kat T. Masen is a mother to four crazy boys and wife to one sane husband. Growing up in a generation where social media and fancy gadgets didn’t exist, she enjoyed reading from an early age and found herself immersed in these stories. After meeting friends on Twitter who loved to read as much as she did, her passion to write began and the friendships continued on despite the distance.

“I’m known to be crazy and humorous. Show me the most random picture of a dog in a wig and I’ll be laughing for days.”

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