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ARC Review: Tru Flame (Ember Peak #3) by Edie Danford

TRU FLAME Ember Peak Book Three 

In the final chapter of the Ember Peak series, Tru and Jones face an unexpected challenge on their road to happy ever after.

Tru and Jones never expected riding off into the sunset to be easy. Their relationship’s script has never been silver-screen smooth or shiny. But dealing with life’s boulders, washouts, and irksome little details is no problem now…because they’re facing each bump in the road together.

But when Tru’s sister announces she wants—and desperately needs—him and Jones to adopt her baby, the new couple’s notions of family, home, their upcoming marriage, and even living at Ember
Peak are flung into chaos.

They’ve defined themselves as lovers, partners, and future husbands—but are they ready, and do they even want to be, fathers? If they are to form a forever family, Tru and Jones will have to help each other navigate a new path they never expected to travel.

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What I thought about Tru Flame

I've been a fan of this series from the start and this third and final book in the series did not disappointTru and Jones are such an interesting couple because of their differences.  I really liked the pairing of an older, accomplished business man with a younger free spirit.  They really work together.

In Tru Flame, Tru and Jones are taking in the sun and sand in Costa Rica, where Sandra has just had her baby.  But she has a secret too and she makes a very tough decision that involves having Tru and Jones adopt her baby.  Some readers may find this tough to believe, I really understood where Sandra was coming from. 

It's all very disruptive to Tru and Jones. One is idealistic about their situation while the other is practical and that usually works, unless you are sleep and sex deprived, which they are! I liked the subtle (and not so subtle) tensions between them as they try to just get through each day, although I did want to smack Jones a few times!

What I liked in this book was what I liked in all three books of the series -- the dynamic between Tru and Jones is interesting and engaging for me. 

Tru Flame was such a sweet conclusion to their story. It just left me feeling happy and that's why I read romance!

This is my honest review. An ARC was provided. 

TRU SMOKE Ember Peak Book One!
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Where there’s smoke, there’s fire… Tired cliche or true story? Jones Hudson can’t wait to touch Tru and find out.
Growing up in Ember Peak, Colorado, Jones nurtured dreams as big as the Rockies. Why else would a flat-broke college student believe he has a shot with Truitt Larkin, the billionaire CEO of Larkin Corp? And, sure, Tru might own the fab, five-thousand-acre Ember Peak Ranch, where Jones is just the son of a ranch employee, but that doesn’t mean a future with Tru is doomed, does it? When he finally, finally convinces Tru to break his chiseled-in-rock no-sex-ever policy, Jones is sure smoke will never shroud Tru’s silver-flame eyes again.

But fire burns and dreams crash. And when Tru shuts down Jones’s hopes, Jones leaves Ember Peak—and a big chunk of his heart—for good.

Tru knows he’s responsible for fracturing his valued friendship with Jones. Indulging his attraction to the younger man was selfish and destructive—something he’ll always regret. When Jones returns to Ember Peak for a family wedding, Tru wants a chance to heal their friendship and give back to Jones the comfort of coming home. But sparks fly the moment they reunite, and they scramble to douse the passion that’s burned them both before. Yet a flicker of hope glows brightly, and soon they need all their courage to see their way to a future together.

TRU BURN Ember Peak Book Two
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As snow flies across Ember Peak, Jones and Tru are making their own kind of warmth, but a family secret could send a chill over their future plans.

Jones Hudson is ending the year the right way. He’s taking his sexy fianc√© and his sweet dog on a fun road-trip to visit his mom’s new family. He’s found a groove with new friends at Ember Peak Ranch and his job at a local diner. And, best of all, he’s regularly basking in the flame-hot love of Tru Larkin.

But things go unexpectedly wrong when Jones uncovers news that may change life at Ember Peak forever. And when the secret detonates, the after-burn is more painful than he or Tru could have imagined.

Tru knows it might be too late to save the season, but he’s determined to move forward with his planned surprise for Jones. When a blizzard knocks out power at Ember Peak, he’s forced to rethink his ideas on giving and forgiving.

Maybe it’s the gift of a simple vow that will burn brightest on a dark, starless night.

About the Author

Edie loves jackalopes, romance, mountain vistas, romance, John Ford movies, romance, Jim Beam Black, romance and cowboy boots (current faves are black Tony Llamas and red ropers).  Although her extended family hails from the Rockies, the Plains and the Midwest, Edie has spent the last ten years in her Green Mountain home.

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