Thursday, December 8, 2016

ARC Review:Tru Burn (Ember Peak Book 2) by Edie Danford

As snow flies across Ember Peak, Jones and Tru are making their own kind of warmth, but a family secret could send a chill over their future plans.

Jones Hudson is ending the year the right way. He’s taking his sexy fiancĂ© and his sweet dog on a fun road-trip to visit his mom’s new family. He’s found a groove with new friends at Ember Peak Ranch and his job at a local diner. And, best of all, he’s regularly basking in the flame-hot love of Tru Larkin.

But things go unexpectedly wrong when Jones uncovers news that may change life at Ember Peak forever. And when the secret detonates, the after-burn is more painful than he or Tru could have imagined.

Tru knows it might be too late to save the season, but he’s determined to move forward with his planned surprise for Jones. When a blizzard knocks out power at Ember Peak, he’s forced to rethink his ideas on giving and forgiving. Maybe it’s the gift of a simple vow that will burn brightest on a dark, starless night.

What I thought about Tru Burn

In true holiday fashion, Jones and Tru are heading home for a visit with Jones' mom and new husband when things just start to go wrong.  There's car trouble, and dog trouble, and engagement trouble.  Everyone wants to know when Jones and Tru are getting married, and everyone has an opinion about it, too.

There's lots of undercurrent going on here, with Jones feeling a little insecure  and Tru picking up on Jones' feelings but not quite understanding or knowing what to do about it.  I loved this part of the book and how these two have to go through a few trials before they can figure it out.  There's a bit (well, maybe more than a bit) of jealousy brewing too, and things come to a head in an amazing party scene that I just adored because it showed a completely new side of both characters.

Tru and Jones are tested in many ways in Tru Burn and there were a few moments near the end that ripped my heart into shreds. I totally got why Tru and Jones did what they did, and I loved their path to resolution.  I've always had a soft spot for Jones, but I really fell for Tru in this story.

I'm totally enjoying this series.  The characters are fresh, and realistic, there's plenty of heat, and I really love this romance.  Definitely recommended for fans of M/M romance.

ARC provided for review.    

 About the Author

Edie loves jackalopes, romance, mountain vistas, romance, John Ford movies, romance, Jim Beam Black, romance and cowboy boots (current faves are black Tony Llamas and red ropers).  Although her extended family hails from the Rockies, the Plains and the Midwest, Edie has spent the last ten years in her Green Mountain home.


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