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ARC Review:Decidedly Off Limits by Stina Lindenblatt

Best Friend Rule #1: never want the guy’s sister.

Trent Salway is one of San Francisco’s hot up-and-coming-under-thirty bachelors. A highly successful mutual fund portfolio manager, a workaholic, and a ladies’ man, he’s got everything he could possibly want…except one thing.

Physical therapist Kelsey Quaid dumped her ex-fiancé six months ago because she was tired of not even being a distant second to his career. Which is why despite secretly crushing on her big brother’s best friend for as long as she can remember, there’s no way Kelsey can go there. One workaholic in her life is more than enough, thank you very much.

Before Kelsey’s brother leaves on his Navy SEAL mission, he asks Trent one simple request: make sure Kelsey isn’t dating any assholes while he’s away. As Trent does his best to do just this, he and Kelsey spend more and more time together. Sparks fly, as do a few items of clothing, and the next thing they know things are getting physical between them. Now, Trent has to decide what to do about the woman he’s falling for—the one whose brother would take him down faster than he takes down the enemy. And Kelsey will have to decide if Trent is just another workaholic or if he’s decidedly off limits.

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What I thought about Decidedly Off Limits 

In this classic tale of "never date your best friend's sister", Trent has fallen hard for his best friend's younger sister, Kelsey, who also happens to be besties with Trent's sister Erin.  It's like a double warning not to go there, but yes, after some serious derailing of Kelsey's blind dates, Trent and Kelsey share a kiss that knocks them both for a loop.

Both of them have had relationships that didn't quite work out in the past, so their communication skills aren't the best, especially with the amount of assuming and lots of little white lies as Trent and Kelsey decide to be "friends with benefits."  Since neither Trent nor Kelsey want to admit to their real feelings for each other, it takes a while for these two to come clean with friends and family. There are some cute scenes as Trent and Kelsey attempt to keep their growing relationship from them.

Unfortunately, there's a serious bump in the road before they reveal their secret, causing Trent and Kelsey to call it off. Trent volunteers to be auctioned off at a "Bachelors of San Francisco" fundraiser, and Kelsey just happens to be there.  There's a very adorable ending to the auction.

I liked this sweet story of two people who are attracted to each other, yet hesitant to take a chance because of their relationships with friends and siblings. While there were some slow spots for me, I loved the ending and how everything came together for them.

This is a feel good romance that is light on conflict and full of sexy scenes as Kelsey and Trent find their way to each other. If you are looking for something on the lighter side, this might be a title for you.

ARC provided for review. 

About the Author

From Stina Lindenblatt's website

Born in Brighton England, I have lived in a number of countries, including England, the U.S, Finland, and Canada.
I have a Physical Education degree from the University of Calgary and a Master’s of Science in Exercise Physiology from the University of Alberta, where I specialized in energy metabolism. Definitely cool stuff (seriously, it is!). I also had the opportunity to work with elite athletes through the universities and at several sport-training facilities (you know, in case you’re wondering why I always have athletes in my stories). During my undergrad, I worked in Helsinki (Finland) for one summer, cleaning bathrooms and saunas in a recreation center for the elderly. The seniors were great. The bathrooms, not so much. I eventually became a pharmaceutical sales representative (not a great one may I add) and now I write full time.

In addition to writing fiction, I love photography, especially the close-up variety, and currently live in Calgary, Canada, with my husband and three kids.

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