Monday, July 4, 2016

Review:The Boss Vol. 6: a Hot Billionaire Romance by Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott

This is the FINAL book in the six part serial. This book is from BOTH Grace and Blake's points-of-view and will be more than twice the size of the other serial installments.
She doesn’t know how bad I’m willing to be…
For years, Grace Copeland was the one woman I couldn’t have. Now she’s mine.
Mine to possess. Mine to protect.
Mine to kill for.
He doesn’t realize how far from good I’ve come…
Blake Carson was first my nemesis, then my boss, and now my lover. He’s determined to shield me from the threat that surrounds us, closer than we could ever guess.
But I’m no one’s damsel, and I might be going down…but I won’t go down alone.
This time, when we fight, we’ll fight back to back—or not at all. No matter the consequences.
Win, lose, love, death. Whatever it takes.

What I thought about The Boss

So this is the final installment of this serial and as expected, there were a few twists and some really serious stuff happening between Grace and Blake.

It's time for Blake to open up and let Grace know what he's been hiding all along. It was fairly clear that he had been holding something back, and there were some nice surprises here. Nice because I wasn't really expecting what was revealed. I love being surprised like that.

As for Grace, she stumbles across some information about Blake too.  The scenes between Grace and Blake as they square off over the lies and ommissions are some of the best in this installment, perhaps the entire series.  I really liked how the tension built with each book in the serial, along with the mystery involving Grace's grandmother.

I've had this series on my TBR for some time and when the last book came out, I devoured the entire series in about a day. The action moves along quickly and these books are packed with some real heat along with a little mystery that brings some nice suspense.  It was more than the typical billionairre romance for me and I really liked that about this series.

I really love how Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott know exactly how to balance the drama and the smoking hot lovin to craft stories that are just fun to read and don't take themselves too seriously.  Their stories always leave me with a smile, and I appreciate that as a reader very much.

So, I definitely loved the conclusion to the series, and recommend that you grab this series up for yourself, especially if you are in the mood for some hot boss action. 

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