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Review:A Woman's Worth by Audra North

Chantal Jones is going through a rough patch. A divorced single mother to two demanding boys, she’s constantly putting the needs of others before her own. She’s exhausted, and the only thing that fuels her fantasies these days is her sexy, off-limits boss, Ronan Nakata.

Ronan has definitely noticed how attractive Chantal is, but he’s her employer and their relationship has to remain strictly professional. Besides, he isn’t looking for anything serious and the last thing he wants to do is get emotionally involved.

But when a chance encounter in the company elevator leaves them both strung tight and wanting, taking it to the next level is seemingly inevitable. In such close quarters, will they be able to get their attraction out of their systems without losing their hearts?
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What I thought about A Woman's Worth

For the last year, Chantal has been dealing with a lot -- a divorce, two rambunctious boys and demanding VP job in Marketing.  To say her sex life has taken a major hit is an understatement, and there's some lingering confidence issues as a result of her husband's affair and subsequent divorce.  She's on auto-pilot -- working and taking care of her boys and her job, without getting much of an opportunity to think about herself.
As she experiences a sexual reawakening, she finds herself fantasizing about her boss, Ronan Nakata. The sexy Japanese businessman is at the center of her fantasies, and one fateful morning she happens to get stuck on an elevator with her boss.  Now I have to say that some of the beginnings of their relationship had my eyebrows in my hairline, as Chantal crosses some unwritten work rules regarding office behavior, but Ronan is definitely interested in Chantal as well.
There's only one caveat to their budding sexual relationship.  Ronan puts Chantal in charge, and he wants her to call the shots when it comes to their relationship. While this arrangement empowers Chantal on one hand, it also keeps Ronan from investing in the relationship.  It isn't long before Chantal realizes that she wants more than just sex in their relationship.
I adored Chantal's journey of reclaiming her life back after the divorce.  Audra North does a lovely job of giving dimension to her character as she discovers her worth and what she wants in life. I read a lot of romance, and A Woman's Worth had a fresh take on giving your heart to a partner without losing your own sense of self worth, and I loved that about this story.  
ARC provided for review. 

About the Author
Audra North is the contemporary romance author of the Pushing the Boundaries series from Samhain and the Hard Driving series from St. Martin’s. Sign up for Audra North’s newsletter to get free books, extra scenes, and exclusive subscriber giveaways. You can also connect with Audra on her website,, on Facebook, and on Twitter.

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