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Review: Fused (Lost in Oblivion 4.5) by Cari Quinn & Taryn Elliot

Book 4.5 in the Lost in Oblivion New Adult Rockstar Series

They’re shattered…and he’s the only one who can fuse them back together.

From the pinnacle of success to the depths of despair, the band Oblivion has been through it all. Now in the super hot conclusion to the Lost in Oblivion series, Nick Crandall, the lead guitarist and the one most likely to cause a band breakup, is the only one who can begin to put the pieces back together after the most catastrophic night of his life.

His only choice is to fight hard for what—and who—he loves.

And oh so dirty.

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What I thought about Fused

Fused continues the story arc of Lila Shawcross and Nick Crandall which began in Shattered, the previous book in the series.  Things between Nick and Lila aren't doing so well, with Nick dealing with Simon's latest meltdown on stage and Lila dealing with compromising pictures that could potentially muck up her divorce proceedings. 

Lila has told Nick that she can't see him anymore.  He's possibly losing her and his band.  There's a great scene between Margo and Nick that is just perfection, as they talk about the situation with Simon. It's clear that there are some deep feelings between and among these characters in spite of the turmoil, and I loved that about this series.

Nick is no perfect guy. He's rough, mouthy and not afraid to say what he thinks, especially when it comes to the band. Now that the band is in jeopardy, it exposes his loneliness. Lila's a straight shooter too with a lot more diplomacy, but she's constantly on guard because of her soon-to-be-ex and her desire to succeed.  It's the common bond of loneliness that connects these two together, which makes it all that more satisfying when they finally face the truth about the depth of their feelings for each other.

It's been great to follow Nick and Lila's story, as they are an unlikely-on-the-surface couple.  Fused uncovers more about makes them tick and why they are attracted to each other.  Of course, there's plenty of sex as is the norm in this series, but there's more to this couple than just that. The "L" word starts getting  tossed around quite a bit, as Nick deals with Lila's latest rejection.

Some new secondary characters in this rock and roll world get introduced in Fused. There are a few from the recently released Hammered series and I hope to hear more about them, especially with Lila's stepson and Molly, Jazz's sister. 

There are plenty of rock star romances out there, but this is one series that grabs my attention with each new release. Nick and Lila's story is just awesome and Fused left me satisfied with a happy-for-now ending that made me smile.  want to go back and re-read the rest of the titles again.  I think that's a great compliment to give any series

If you like romances with a rock and roll theme, I highly recommend this one.  I've enjoyed every minute of this series and I'm thrilled that there will be one more installment to let us know how all the band drama gets resolved.  

ARC provided for review.  

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