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Available Today:Romancing the Alpha Action Adventure Romance Boxed Set

HOT NEW adventure romance super bundle. Spice up your summer with 10 never-before-published action-adventure romance stories by bestselling authors. Kick butt and fall in love with sexy Navy SEALs, treasure hunters, mercenaries, and more. Let the adrenaline flow!

Zoe York — FALL BACK
When Navy SEAL Cade Duncan partners up with Mel Vincent for an endurance race, he doesn’t expect to tumble into a romantic fling in paradise—or to be so pissed with the beautiful woman when he finds out she’s been keeping secrets.

When firefighter and mercenary Marat Azarov rescues a beautiful slave woman from a life of certain torment, he gets more than he bargained for.

When underwater photographer Katy Ryan embarks on a secret mission to salvage priceless jewels from the wreck of the RMS Lusitania, she’s pissed as hell to be be pitted against Dex Fitzgerald, her super sexy treasure hunter ex.

When astro-archeologist Lexa Carter discovers a map to an old Earth treasure, she’s thrilled about a treasure hunt to a dangerous, desert planet—but not about being saddled with head of security, Damon Malik. She thinks he’s arrogant. He thinks she’s a trouble magnet. But when the hunt turns deadly, they’ll have to trust each other just to survive.

Charlotte knows she’s in trouble the moment Jackson North shows up at her door in the middle of the night. She always suspected her ex had secrets, but she never thought those secrets would lead her on a wild treasure hunt through Croatia’s islands—or throw her back into the arms of the dangerous man who once broke her heart.

The last thing archaeologist Julie Steffens needs is a gang of armed mercenaries after her for a crime she didn’t commit. And the last rescuer she wants is Seth Cooper, the sizzling vacation fling who disappeared from her bedside two months before. But right now, she needs a way out — and Seth’s sailboat is it.

Sadie Haller — TAINTED PEARL
The last person Biddy expects to greet her at the start of her secret four-week eco-activism island adventure is a red-blooded alpha male, and the irresistible camera operator proves to be a big, bad complication she's unable to resist.

When treasure hunter Kent Avery ends up partnered with Swedish military officer Elena Haaland in search of a stolen Russian artifact, he’s not expecting love. Guns? Sure. Fist fights? No problem. But love? Well that’s the one danger he’s just not prepared for.

A bad breakup sent Nola Bailey to Vietnam. Instead of cold cocktails and sandy beaches, she finds the irresistible Duarte Cruz and trouble. Cruz thinks she's up to no good, but if she convinces him she’s not—and dodges the flying bullets—her ultimate escape could end with love.

Leigh James — COVER ME
Matthew Riley is determined to leave his dangerous mercenary lifestyle behind. But when he takes what's supposed to be a relaxing vacation to the Yucutan Peninsula with his wife Meredith and their friends, he discovers that he can't afford to leave his job behind, in more ways than one...

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What I thought about Romancing the Alpha Boxed Set

What I like about anthologies is that I can read something from an author I haven't read before and this anthology is packed with the type of romance suspense I like. Since there were a few authors that I wanted to check out, I decided to give Romancing the Alpha a try with its ten novellas.  It's a steal at 99¢. 

I haven't read all the stories in this anthology yet, but I've read a few and here are my thoughts.

I am a fan of Zara Keane's Ballybeg series, so Her Treasure Hunters Ex made this a one-click for me, and I was glad I did. I always love my trips to Ballybeg courtesy of Zara Keane's series, and this one was suspenseful and sexy with a second chance storyline between the main characters.  Kate and Dex broke up months ago, and it's very clear that they aren't done with each other.  I loved Dex's earnest way of talking to Katy and her response to it.  It's a lovely story, with a lot of significance as it takes place against the backdrop of a historical event, the sinking of the Lusitania. There is a lot to like about this story, and it's a perfect follow-up after Sean and Clio's story.  If you haven't been reading this series, this story might just lure you into the charm of small coastal town of Ballybeg and its sometimes quirky and adorable inhabitants.

Fall Back by Zoe York was really Mel's story, as she prepares to honor her mother by repeating an endurance race in Hawaii.  When her partner can't make it at the last minute, she agrees to let Cade go with her, knowing full well that she's attracted to him. Nature takes its course... and there are some sweet moments here, as well as a very determined ex-Seal who's ready to settle down.  Nicely done.

Cover Me by Leigh James was another exciting story, that was more suspense than fun, since the main characters get in some deep trouble in Mexico and it takes some effort to get out of it.  This story puts the women in danger and it even though the husbands are ex-military, I loved that it was a joint effort between the ladies and men to get out of danger.  This wasn't a damsel in distress story, but a damsel-get-herself-out-of-distress story and I loved how the women in the story were empowered.  I might even have to read more about Liberty, cause seriously, she showed a lot of strength in this novella.

I enjoyed all three of the novellas I read from this anthology and I think that's a great sign that it was worth the purchase.  If you like action and romance together, this might be the deal of the day for you. 

ARC provided for review.

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