Monday, July 27, 2015

ARC review: What Emma Craves (Pushing the Boundaries #3) by Amanda Abbott

What Emma Craves

Releases July 27 

It took a lot for Pete Slater to convince his wife, Emma, to move to the suburbs. But once she arrived, she found it had a deliciously steamy underbelly. Her neighborhood is filled with hook-ups, affairs, and scandal. It's better than any reality TV show.

But Emma finds she isn’t satisfied any more. After seeing Piper and Michael become adventurous again as a couple, it's made Emma realize that's what she wants in her own life. She craves to be noticed again. She decides what the two of them really need is a vacation. The STD girls throw her a travel shower, gifting her some sexy starters, and she and Pete are off to the Bahamas.

Their destination is a super exclusive resort situated on a tiny island where anything and everything can happen. When they meet a young couple at the airport, who end up in the suite next to theirs, things go from fun to incredibly steamy fast. Emma drives Pete crazy flirting, and it pays off. For the first time in their marriage her husband is jealous of another man. What Pete does to win her back turns out to be exactly what Emma craves. 

*This book is off the charts hot. It contains: explicit sex, group sex, and voyeurism.

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What I thought about What Emma Craves

In this third book in the Pushing the Boundaries series, Emma Slater is experiencing one of those dips in her marriage. Her husband doesn't seem to look at her like he once did, and sex has become unexciting.  When her husband Pete arranges a vacation at a exclusive sex resort, it becomes a question of whether they can enjoy their time there when there are many unspoken issues between them.

One thing I like about this series is the exploration of sexual lifestyles by committed adults. But it's the separation of love and sex that sometimes gets them confused too.  After years of an open lifestyle, Emma is looking for something else.  She just can't quite put her finger on it, or explain it to her husband, although she does try to.

I felt a little sorry for Pete in this, as Emma's discontent blindsides him to some extent, and he spends some of his vacation in a very agitated state.  But it all ends well, and I liked that about it too.  

This is a different sort of erotic series based on couples in committed relationships. I'm glad to see that there will be more in this series.  Amanda Abbott does a nice job of keeping up the temperature between these couples, and keeping guilt out of the equation. I like that.

ARC provided for review.  


Amanda Abbott lives in the Midwest. She's the author of many books, both on her own and some published in New York. She loves traveling, seeing the world, and above all she loves to write. These stories have blossomed out of her pure love of all kinds of romance, but especially humor + sexy combined. Taking the question of "what if" and making it real was an absolute thrill to write. And there's more in the hopper! To keep up with new series and new releases, head to her website www(dot)authoramandaabbott(dot)com and be sure to sign-up for her newsletter!


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