Monday, June 23, 2014

Giveaway & Review: Fake It by Jennifer Chance

Anna Richardson meets the baddest (and sexiest) of bad boys in FAKE IT, the second novel in Jennifer Chance's sizzling Rule Breakers series, out on July 1, 2014 from Random House. 

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About FAKE IT:

As her sizzling new series continues, Jennifer Chance sparks some serious combustion between a sexy biker and a corporate go-getter who’s ready to let her hair down.

New grad Anna Richardson works hard—so hard that she’s given up having a romantic life. Anna has even convinced her friends that she’s dating an amazing guy—who they’ve simply never met. But now Anna has a wedding to attend and needs to produce the hottie she’s been lying about for the past six months. Enter Jake Flynn, her infuriating, motorcycle-riding, jaw-droppingly gorgeous neighbor, who’s more than willing to fake it for a weekend. In fact, Jake won’t be satisfied until things get real.

Though Jake is only playing the role of adoring boyfriend, he’s starting to feel the heat, and judging by Anna’s sweet blush, so is she. Letting chemistry this intense go to waste would be a real shame. Soon, though, the thin line between fantasy and reality fades. Jake may not be what every buttoned-up fast-tracker wants, but he’s sure as hell what Anna needs. And if she takes a ride with him, their adventure never has to end.

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What I thought about Fake It

I liked this story of Anna, driven career woman and Jake, knight in shining armor.  When Jake agrees to help Anna out and play her boyfriend at a weekend wedding, She's told all her friends that she's seeing someone, and Jake steps in to play "Dave".  He's got a bit of an agenda, having watched her the last six months walk past his garage. Anna wants him too, but can't come right out and say so. But Jake does a good job using his sexy charm to lure Anna into having some fun. Complicating matters is Anna's ex, who happens to work with her at her high pressure job and thinks nothing of asking her to work crazy hours.

Jake is one smooth operator, and he says and does just about everything right with Anna. And his bad-boy-ness is really over the fact he rides a motorcycle.  Otherwise, he's a stand up guy. I really liked Anna and Jake together, they worked for me and I found their story more believable than the first one in this series.

So overall, thought this was a pleasant, easy read, with just the right amount of drama to keep things interesting yet not make it too heavy.

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About Jennifer Chance:

Jennifer Chance is the award-winning author of the new adult Rule Breakers series. A lover of books, romance, and happily-ever-afters, she lives and writes in Ohio.

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