Tuesday, September 5, 2017

ARC Review:Raw Heat by Cherrie Lynn

The third book in the Larson Brothers series from New York Times bestselling author Cherrie Lynn is the sexiest installment yet!

Youngest Larson brother Damien has the luck of the devil. Fast talking and faster thinking, he owns a successful nightclub in Houston and runs an illegal poker room upstairs. After a troubled childhood, now nothing is out of Damien’s reach—except his accountant, Emma Haskell.

Emma has always been drawn to Damien’s dark intensity and the gleam in his eyes that promises more than she can possibly handle. But when her brother’s gambling threatens to destroy her family, Damien makes her an offer she’d be crazy to accept—but can’t refuse: her brother’s debts will be forgiven, and Emma belongs to him for thirty days.

In Damien’s world, he shows his angelic bookkeeper what it’s like to live with the devil. But Emma brings out a side in Damien he thought didn’t exist. Will the flames of lust scorch them both, or will this beauty tame the beast and give him something to fight for?

Raw Heat scorches with emotional intensity and smoldering passion that will leave readers spellbound!

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 What I thought about Raw Heat

When Emma's brother gets in deep with her boss Damien Larson, owner of the illegal poker club in Houston, she makes a deal with Damien to help her sleazy brother get clear of his obligations.  The deal involves giving herself to Damien for a month, after which they both go their separate ways.

Emma has been harboring a crush on Damien for a while. He's sexy and dark, and perhaps a bit cold and heartless to make this deal with sweet Emma. She wants her brother out of trouble, mostly to save her parents who have already paid for Benjamin's gambling problem, but she has trouble reconciling her feelings the longer she's with Damien. Alternating between wanting to experience Damien's charms up close and personal and feeling like their "relationship" is nothing more than a money deal, Emma can't stop how she responds to Damien.

I'm a huge fan of Cherrie Lynn's Ross Siblings series, and so I was very interested in seeing how I would like this new series.  I realize I'm coming late to the series as this is the third and last book about the Larson brothers, but I can say that I liked it and will be picking up the first two books in the series and fitting them (somehow) into my reading and reviewing schedule.

I liked Emma. She's got a soft heart. I liked Damien. It was easy to see how she could fall for him, yet feel guilty about how the circumstances of their being together came about.  And Damien wasn't fooling this reader as to his true feelings about Emma. From the very beginning it was clear there was some attraction to her before the ridiculous indecent proposal. They were so good together, especially when he was showing her new horizons in her sexuality. 

Even though Emma could be a bit frustrating when she bounced between wanting Damien and hating that he bought her for the month, I totally got how she was feeling.  She didn't want to fall for him -- but she did-- and then she had to really show him what he would be missing once their deal was up. I liked how the ending showed that Damien had a core of honor and goodness just like Emma.

I enjoyed Raw Heat.  The story flowed very well and kept my interest to the final pages.  There was plenty of scorching hot love scenes with some mild D/s if you are looking for that. It works well as a standalone and I will definitely be reading the first two books in the series. 

An ARC was provided for review. 

About the Author

If Cherrie Lynn’s parents are to be believed, she’s been writing since before she can remember. Through her formative years, her scribblings evolved from epic graphic novels about dragons and unicorns to middle school angst-inspired teen soap operas to scorching hot love stories once she discovered her mom’s romance novels.

She adores electronic gadgets, heavy metal, gaming, horror movies…everything you wouldn’t really expect a country girl to love. She and her hubby are frequently found hitting the road to Dallas (or Houston or San Antonio or Little Rock or wherever!) to catch their favorite rock acts live, but she’s much too fragile to go near a mosh pit.

Cherrie writes sexy contemporary and paranormal romances. She’s all about strong, caring, sometimes wicked heroes and sensitive heroines with a streak of sass. She loves hearing from readers, so drop her a line via her contact page.


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