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ARC Review:5 Stars for Getting Inside by Serena Bell

Getting Inside (January 3, 2017)

They’re big. They’re hot. And they play hard. In the kickoff to Serena Bell’s sexy new football romance series, the heat between a female coach and a cocky linebacker turns the Seattle Grizzlies locker room upside down.

  Iona: There’s nothing like the rush of going head-to-head with the boys. Football is my life, and I got my new job with the Seattle Grizzlies because I know how to play rough. But as a woman in a man’s game, I can’t afford any distractions—like panty-melting tabloid darling Ty Williams, my star linebacker. I’ve stared down plenty of good-looking players without losing my cool . . . and yet something about Ty’s intense gaze burns straight to my core.

Ty: Despite what they say in the press, I save my best moves for game day. The Grizzlies aren’t just my teammates, they’re my brothers—no way am I going to let some new coach shake up our defense. But Iona Thomas isn’t just some coach. It’s so tough to keep my head in the game when I’d rather be in bed with her. She may take charge at practice, but if I had her in my arms, I’d be choosing the plays. I just need to figure out what makes her tick—and what makes her want to break the rules.

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What I thought about Getting Inside

Wow!  As someone who as a teenager fantasized about women being involved with pro sports (back then there weren't any pro sports for women and all other male sports were male-only, even in the coaching ranks), I couldn't wait to dig into this book. 

Iona is a female coach in the PBL. She's worked hard for that spot and she's ready to show her new head coach and team just what she can do. She's worked with men for years to get here and knows that there's lines she can't cross when it comes to work and life. She knows she's held to a higher standard than every other coach. She accepts all of that to have her dream job.  She just wasn't ready for the intense feelings she has for Ty right from the start.

When Ty sees her in the coaches office, it doesn't click for him that she's his new coach. All he can think about upon first sight of Iona is how he wants her. While all that cools (somewhat) when he finds out she's his new coach, he still wants her. A forbidden kiss late one night says she wants him too.

These two know wanting each other will have a high cost. But they are so drawn to each other that it's impossible to resist.  Serena Bell does an incredible job of building the romantic tension between these two characters and will have you rooting for both of them.  There are so many insightful passages of writing in this that I don't think I've highlighted so many favorite lines all year.  I loved EVERYTHING about this book.

When the truth comes out, and it does, Ty and Iona have to make some serious decisions about each other and what they want out of life.  There's no skimping on the resolution here either -- it isn't a quick fix, and they do try to stay apart and Iona even has a date with another guy. Ty provides some sweet jealousy here with some unintentional stalking (and some humor too).

"I'm spying on a woman who's on a date. I'm spying on my fucking coach. I've officially lost my mind."

They will both have to figure out what they want, what they need and how much they are willing to sacrifice.  Of course, most of that falls on Iona. Can she have Ty and the career she's worked for too?  Iona especially has some tough decisions to make.
I loved both of these characters, adored this story, and the writing was awesome. I went into this expecting a romance and got so much more. The writing is smart and insightful, and the main characters realistic and easy to love.  I adored Getting Inside and recommend this to all sports romance readers. Don't miss this fabulous story!

ARC provided for review. This is my unbiased review.
About the Author
USA Today bestselling author Serena Bell writes richly emotional stories about big-hearted characters with real troubles and the people who are strong and generous enough to love them.

Serena loves to embrace new hobbies, and has at various times enjoyed birdwatching, backpacking, violin, Ultimate Frisbee, skiing, tennis, ice-skating, dance, needlepoint, kayaking, paddleboarding, meditating, and swimming laps—to name just a few.

Her supportive husband lovingly accepts each new hobby and all the equipment it requires, and her two school-aged children provide opportunities to explore new activities like coaching basketball and remembering just how much math she’s forgotten. 

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