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Release Day Review & Giveaway: For the First Time - 21 Tales of Romance

For the First Time

Publication Date: January 12, 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Romance Box Set 


You never forget your first time…
From young heartbreak to a virginity auction, from the chance meeting to the happily ever after, these exclusive stories explore first love in all its forms.

Meet twenty-one new book boyfriends from:
Kim Karr, Jen Frederick, Sarah Castille, Nina Lane, CJ Roberts, Anna Zaires, Alessandre Torre, Alexa Riley, Lynda Chance, Nikki Sloane,Cynthia Sax, Avery Aster, Pam Godwin, Skye Warren, Julia Sykes, Cynthia Rayne, Jenika Snow, Debra Presley, Shoshanna Evers, Tamsen Parker, and Nina Levine!

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What I thought about For the First Time

Wow!  This anthology is chock-full of awesome little love stories that will keep you reading until you get to the end.  I started this a few days ago with the intent of reading just a few of the stories, but I've finished one story and have just gone on to the next.

The individual stories are just the right size for a quick read, and they are full of sweet love stories from a variety of genres and backstory.  Here's a quick rundown of what I've read so far:

Looking for a Complication by Tamsen Parker

When Kinsey accidentally "doors" Astrid and then invites her in make amends for the accident, both ladies find that they are attracted to each other. Having been burnt before, Astrid has some real reservations about getting involved with a straight girl, but she's in for some surprises when these two go out for drinks. I really loved this story.  Astrid spells out her fears in a way that grabbed my heart, and Kinsey is just sweet in how she interacts with Astrid. It has everything I want in a love story in just a few short pages.

Delay of Game by Jen Frederick

This friends to lovers story deals with two life-long friends. Lisle Cunningham swore she wasn't going to get married, but as she approaches the age of twenty seven, she realizes two things -- she doesn't want to be alone, and she's in love with her best friend Wyatt. They've been friends forever, but she's not confident about taking this to a new level, thinking that Wyatt only wants her as a friend.  How they get together is really sweet, and their friends add a touch of fun. Really enjoyed this story!

Her First Choice by Lynda Chance

Tyler Copeland is at the bar and on the prowl for his nightly conquest, when Whitney walks through the door.  He recognizes her from an interaction that happened years ago, and that's all he needs to make his move on her.  She recognizes him too, and pretty soon they are sizzling up the sheets.  The cuteness of this story is in what happens a year later.  Loved it!

A Lake George Christmas by Debra Presley

This was light on the conflict and heavy on the deep love and commitment of two soulmates that have found each other.  A sweet addition to the anthology!

This anthology is a steal at 99 cents!  It has everything I want in an anthology -- lots of great authors and love stories with titles from authors I love already and some new authors I haven't read before. Each story packs a nice little punch to the emotions in just a few pages.  

ARC provided for review.

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