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Review: Destroyed (Book 3) & Consumed (Book 3.5) by Cari Quinn & Taryn Elliot

Destroyed (Book 3)

Only one woman has ever refused him…

and she’s the only one he wants.

Now that he’s successful beyond his wildest dreams with his band Oblivion, Simon Kagan is happy to enjoy his all-access pass to the groupie train. After getting more fists in the ribs than hugs growing up, he discovers having a warm female in his bed is an easy way to escape the loneliness.

Until Margo.
From the moment the classy, buttoned up violinist entered his sphere, he knew she was different. After one amazing night in the studio, he feels like he’s finally connected with someone on a deeper level—only to have her walk away without a backward glance.
As a member of the Boston Symphony orchestra, Margo Reece’s life revolves around the regimented structure of a second chair violinist. But Simon’s uncanny ability to crawl into a song and create a smoky, sin-filled experience translated into the hottest night of her life. She walked away afterward because that’s what she was supposed to do.
And Margo always does what she’s supposed to.
Until Simon.
When she’s called on again to blend her sound with Oblivion’s, she has to make the decision to play it safe or let her wild side free.

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What I thought about Destroyed

I really enjoyed this lust-to-love story between lead-singer Simon Kagan and Margo Reece, violinist and studio musician.  Right from the start, the tension between these two is off the charts, and when they finally give in to what they both want, it's explosive.  These authors know how to write some hot sex, and I wasn't disappointed. 

But what made this an especially satisfying story was that it was Simon that falls hard and wants more, but the "Super Slut" has a hard time convincing Margo and everyone around him that he's looking for something more serious.  He's not all that sure about it himself, he just knows he wants Margo. 

Margo's a buttoned-up sort of good girl, but when she's with the band, she feels things that make her happy and it's not just Simon, although he's a big part of it.  I love what these two do for each other in this story and I was rooting for them to figure it out all through the book.

This one ends with a bit of a cliffie, so you are going to want to grab the follow-up novella, Consumed, right away.

I'm a bit picky about my rock star romances, and this is one series that I really enjoy.  Looking forward to Shattered, Nick's story, coming soon.

 Consumed (Book 3.5)

Is it better to burn out or fade away…

Taking one dream and trading it for another isn’t supposed to hurt this much.

Oblivion lead singer Simon Kagan is used to being in the spotlight for his model good looks and his voice, not because of the epic ending to Oblivion’s last show on their home turf in California. That unforgettable night rocked Oblivion in more ways than one, and now the journey back seems almost impossible.
The only bright spot is Margo. Margo, the one woman he’d been sure would never be more than a hot ride in the dark. Margo, who would never be his.

Except she is…for now. But taking one dream and trading it for another isn’t supposed to hurt this much.

As long as Margo never realizes the man she fell for no longer exists, maybe he won’t lose everything that matters due to just one all-consuming night.

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What I thought about Consumed

In this follow-up to Destroyed, Simon and Margo's relationship deepens, but both still have some questions about whether they can make it all work, especially after Margo's visit home to her family.

Consumed is really a very sweet story of Simon and Margo after he says that "L" word and they have to figure out where things go for them.  Of course, it's easy to let everyday stress behind when you are on a secluded beach.  I loved that about Consumed -- I really experienced these two falling deeply in love with each other.  

Oh, there's plenty of sexy times in this one too, I like that it didn't get old for me as sometimes sex scenes do. But Simon and Margo have some difficult situations, namely what is going to happen to their careers once they get back to Los Angeles. 

I did feel that there were still a few loose ends between these two that I hope will get resolved in the next book. Can't wait for more in this series.

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